Color of Woman Episode 13 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any 🙂 Also, I don’t have time to include the screen caps in the middle so I’m putting up the gallery at the end! Hope you enjoy the recap!)

All four leads are back home and Junsu puts Sora to bed and looks at her for a few moments while she sleeps until Chanjin comes out and teases him “You like her so much?” After small chitchat, Chanjin tells Junsu to go to sleep and starts laying out his stuff on his sofa bed.

Junsu asks if he’s going to continue sleeping there and tells him to come back to stay with him. He meant to do it since morning but didn’t get the chance. Chanjin tells him he’ll move back in tomorrow, it’s late anyway. Junsu tells him to go sleep in his room instead then, he’ll sleep here. In the end, they both remove the sofa, lay out the blankets on the floor and both of them sleep there.

Junsu reminisces over old memories when he first met Chanjin who had come to live with them. That night, Chanjin had been scared at had come to Junsu’s room to sleep with him. Then he tells Chanjin thanks; for telling him why Sora was angry. If he hadn’t told him, it would’ve been a big problem. Chanjin tells him he won’t come into their matters anymore. Junsu removes the pages he got from Chanjin and gives them back saying he’ll receive them later from Sora and promises to do well.

Later that night, Sora wakes up at 4am and heads to the restroom. Once there, she remembers the slap and tells herself she must be crazy; but then as she heads out, she tries to assure herself it was a dream and runs into Junsu outside. Motioning for her to be quiet, they head to the kitchen. The house is pretty much open anyway. Sora asks him what he’s doing here and he says he wanted to talk to her and not let the misunderstanding get any bigger. She simply tells him to leave and turns back but he hugs her from behind. He tells her he’s feeling truly sorry to the point where he can’t even bring himself to say it. Sora doesn’t believe it and points out that she has never lied to him even once. He points out she was too afraid they might end up breaking up because of this that she didn’t say anything; just like him, even when she knew and was so mad because of it. He promises he won’t run away and whatever happens, they’ll face it together. Sora is almost in tears now and asks him how she can believe his words; ten years ago it was the same; it was the same that night. He tells her simply one thing-they won’t break up, no matter what and hugs her and promises that no matter what happens, he’ll protect her. After a moment, he draws back and tells her “Stop being angry and hug me now!”(I love the whole music and song playback in the back!!)I We see Jinju having a sleepless night in her room and Chanjin is also awake and has heard them. He looks heartbroken for a moment before he smiles since they’re both doing well and tries to go to sleep.

The next morning at office in the lobby, Junsu is feeling stiff because of sleeping on the floor last night and Director Song (I thought her name was Director Shin) walks in to see him trying to relax. They have a bit of a verbal spar (I understood just a bit of it) but the gist is that he won’t give up on the special line and she also has an idea of her own. Jinju and her fellow colleague get voted as the models for the new brand line and Junsu calls them the most ‘cool/handsome’ and ‘pretty’.

Trouble arises when Sora checks out the clothes for the photo shoot and when introduced to the stylist, points out that the clothes seem a bit mismatched with their concept which annoys the stylist. They’re spared a full on spar when Jinju and her colleague come out all dressed and styled up and Chanjin also comes up. Seems the stylist and Chanjin have met before and in his usual manner gives her a smile and a thumbs up. When she asks him what he thinks of the clothes, he turns to Sora and they both start giving off their point of view and I found it cute how they both ended up at the same point and finished each other’s point of view.  Chanjin then tells the makeup artist tips for Jinju and the other model before dismissing everyone and then takes Sora aside.  When he’s leaving after just a short chitchat, Sora seems disappointed and he cheers her up. On his way out, he turns back and sees everyone fussing over jinju’s makeup and Sora looking at Jinju in admiration and wonder.

Director Song approaches Chanjin’s room and is about to knock on the door when someone knocks on her shoulder. It’s Junsu! He points out she seems to find Chanjin a lot. Chanjin finds them there and asks if they’re having a meeting. Director Song walks away after making a retort about their relationship and both guys are left staring at her. Shrugging it off, they both head in to Chanjin’s office.  Chanjin tells Junsu not to accept Director Song’s words about fate and all and see clearly for himself.  They’re still discussing when there’s a knock and Sora walks in. She’s here to ask Chanjin to accompany her someplace after work. Chanjin looks at Junsu and tells her he’s got a lot of work and Junsu offers to take her instead. He wants to try her hand made food too since he’s heard its amazing. Sora tells Chanjin its okay if he brings the work home; she’ll help him. Chanjin tells her not to worry and head off and have a date and pushes the two out of his office and closes the door, turning around with a sigh.

Cue cooking scene at home with Sora and Junsu as they both reminisce over their old memories and Junsu teases her. Chanjin sits in his office with a cup bowl of instant noodles. He takes a few bites with a frown on his face and then simply puts the cup back down on the table. Lying back on the sofa, he sighs as he says “The ramyun Sora makes is the most delicious!” He’s stretching relaxingly when there’s a knock on the door and he turns to see Director Song who’s already let herself in. She tells him the door was open and asks if she can come in.

At home, Sora and Junsu are heating up water. Junsu points to a cup on the counter and asks which one to use; pointing to the couple cup she got with Chanjin since it’s at front. Sora starts to say its Chanjin’s and remembers the time the store owner had given them the cups; she gives Junsu another cup and makes an excuse about the couple one. Jinju walks in and sobers up when she sees Junsu, talking formally. Sora asks if she wants to eat anything but she makes an excuse and heads inside to rest. Sora tells Junsu to leave hurriedly and he kisses her on her forehead and they hug.

At the office, Director Song gives him a file and mentions the anniversary of his mother’s death but Chanjin tells him it would be better to stop talking about the people who are dead. She tells him his mother would be disappointed if she knew he wasn’t even seem the least bit interested in knowing the reason for her death.

The next morning, Jinju delivers Junsu’s daily schedule to him and he offers to take her to her appointed photo shoot today. She tells him not to be so nice to her, she doesn’t want her heart to be moved anymore and he simply says he wishes they could both be normal and friendly with each other. He believes Jinju can be in partnership with him and they would be great partners. Meanwhile Sora and her two colleagues are sent to the location of the shoot early to prepare the model’s clothes and makeup by their manager.

At the shoot, Jinju is looking great and things are going smooth. Like always, Sora is taken by how beautiful Jinju looks and watches on with a bright smile which is how Chanjin finds her when he walks up to her. Sora tells him she feels like she’s seeing Jinju for the first time looking so prettily. Suddenly, she remembers he didn’t come home last night and asks him why. When he asks why she makes up an excuse for asking but he comments she must have been uncomfortable because of him around. But before she can tell him it isn’t so, he walks away to the makeup staff. Sora backs up a few steps but the stylist is coming up from behind and blocks her foot, causing Sora to slip. Just then, Junsu arrives and helps her pick up her working tablet, teasing her as well. He’s brought doughnuts for the staff and Chanjin takes them from him, calling everyone off for a break. Jinju and Junsu acknowledge each other’s presence with a smile.

Back at the office, there is hilarious secret double dating going on which isn’t so secret after all. At the photo shoot, everyone’s having a fun time and one of the employees standing with Chanjin wishfully says she wants to fall in love too. Chanjin agrees with her and says the models are giving off such a happy and beautiful picture that everyone’s bound to feel that way. The photographer tells Jinju to look like she’s madly in love and think of someone she’s in love with. Just then, Junsu and Sora walk back in and Jinju and Junsu’s eyes meet and the photographer tells her to think as if the person she loves is standing right in front of her and she keeps looking at Junsu and smiles. Junsu is also smiling as he looks at her. The photographer likes her smile and clicks away.  Chanjin and Sora catch the look between Junsu and Jinju. While Chanjin walks away, Sora nervously fidgets.

Everyone gathers for an after work party. When the others remark about the absence of Chanjin, Sora says he said he had some very important work to do. Sora and Junsu flirt with each other which makes the others comment and to Sora’s surprise, Junsu tells them they are dating. One of the employees comments that he thought Sora and Chanjin were a couple and Sora says that doesn’t make any sense but Junsu’s expression seems to go sour for a bit. The others also add that she has a level of closeness with Chanjin and Sora excitedly remarks it’s because they’ve been friends for ten years.

Back home, Chanjin drives up in a car (Seems he bought a new one) and stares at Sora’s house from the outside; remembering Junsu’s words “Give up Sora” before heading in. (There’s a nice sad song playing in the background) Inside, he looks around fondly and starts cleaning up. Picking up a shirt, he remembers the time Sora ironed a shirt for him once. Packing his suitcase, he remembers the time she had slept in his office and the time he’d comforted her in the stairwell. Picking his suitcase, he’s about to leave when he sees her packed suitcase for the overnight trip standing in a corner and he flashes back to the time he’d gone to the station for her (my favorite scene!!). When they’d gotten back, her suitcase’s wheel had broken and he was coming to help her but she stops him and looking at her back, he’d realized she was crying. Picking a screw driver now, he sits down and fixes the wheel. Remembering the pages he’d given Junsu and he’d returned, he goes back to her drawer and puts them back, remarking “If I just love her like this, Byun Sora won’t cry.”

Sora walks in just as he’s about to go out, and surprised to see his packed bag asks if he’s going somewhere. She feels disappointed when he tells her he’s moving back in with Junsu. He tells her he’s going to accept her and Junsu’s love and pretend he doesn’t know anything and Sora dejectedly tells him not to worry, they won’t fight anymore.  Chanjin tells her to believe a lot in Junsu and share their feelings with each other truthfully.

Sora: “I’m hungry. Can’t you eat dinner together before you go?”

Chanjin: “I can’t. From now on, I won’t eat anything you cook.”

Sora sighs after he’s gone. Chanjin comes home and lies down on his bed in the dark and putting his hand on his stomach, wonders aloud “Am I really going to have to never eat anything she cooks?” Sora’s sitting at her table eating alone and calls Chanjin ‘petty’. He should have eaten with her. Turning for water, she grabs her couple mug and while pouring water, realizes the other one is missing and wonders if he took it. We see Chanjin at home, sad and having a lone packed dinner and drinking water from the couple mug. After a few bites, he just puts his chopsticks down.

Outside, Chanjin runs into the pojangmacha duo who offer him dinner but he says he already ate. The manager stops him and gives him medicine and Chanjin says it really must show on his face that he’s sick and thanks the manager. Later on his walk, he comes upon a flower shop and goes inside, remembering what Sora likes and then berates himself for it. Yet, he buys a plant and bringing it home, pots in his couple mug and names it ‘Sora’.

Junsu comes to tell him he did well in coming back and asks what Sora said. But Chanjin tells him not to worry, he won’t concern himself with Sora anymore and he doesn’t have any other place to go to. When Junsu leaves, Chanjin sits back down and sighs.

At home, Sora is typing a message to Chanjin worrying about him when Junsu calls her up. He’s going through the pictures from today on his tablet and is just about to suggest something to Sora when she asks him how Chanjin is and what he’s doing. Junsu says he seems to be sleeping and Sora tells him not to throw Chanjin out of the house because of her anymore. After all, Chanjin thinks so highly of Junsu too. Mood a bit downed, Junsu tells her he knows. Happy at his answer, Sora tells him she’s off to rest and they end their conversation. Junsu goes through the pictures, pausing for a few moments on Jinju’s; especially the ones where she was looking at him. Going ahead, there are pictures of Sora and in one picture, he catches Sora smiling and Chanjin looking at her from behind.

The next morning, Chanjin is getting ready when Junsu comes up and Chanjin tells him he has an important meeting today. (He uses the word yaksok which is promise). When Junsu asks if it’s a woman, Chanjin smiles and says “The most beautiful”. Junsu wishes him luck before leaving. When he’s gone, Chanjin’s expression becomes sad. (He’s probably sad Junsu doesn’t remember his mother’s anniversary) Junsu calls up Sora and tells her the smell of delicious food is wafting in his house from hers. Chanjin passes him while they’re talking about the food and when Sora asks about Chanjin, Junsu tells her he left for a date. Sora is surprised and wonders who it is; Chanjin hasn’t been meeting anyone for some time now.

Chanjin’s driving to the place with a grim expression when Sora calls and his face lightens up immediately with a smile. He realizes soon enough that she’s forgotten about his mother’s anniversary when she tells him he must be feeling great since he hasn’t been on a date in so long. She wishes him well on his date even if her face says otherwise and tells him she’ll be with Junsu at the office all day. Chanjin tells her to have fun and gloomily hangs up.

Sora is packing the food for lunch when Jinju comes out and says the food looks delicious. When Jinju picks the prettier looking bowl, Sora slaps her hand away. That’s for Chanjin. Jinju tells her she’s always saying Chanjin Chanjin whether she’s smiling, crying or making food! Sora tells her it’s because she’s never had a friend for ten years so she wouldn’t understand; they know everything about each other, their likes, dislikes, for the past ten years Chanjin’s even remembered her parent’s birthdays! As soon as she says it, Sora freezes and asks Jinju what date it is. When Jinju tells her, Sora realizes its Chanjin’s mother’s anniversary today.

At the memorial place, Chanjin addresses his mother and asks if she’s sad because he came alone today; both Sora and Junsu are too busy today. With tears in his eyes, he tells his mother she should’ve told him earlier he’d find it so hard without Sora. Sora in the meanwhile is running and headed towards the memorial place. At the office, Junsu is waiting for Sora and calls her but there’s no response. He receives a call from Director Park, the man who’d warned him to keep Chanjin at bay. He tells Junsu he knows the secret behind Chanjin being made a Board Member.

Chanjin takes out his and his mother’s picture and spies a letter was hidden behind. There’s no words on the envelope. He wonders about it.

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  1. hey there! I’ve just discovered your website lately and I’m totally in love with it. I’m grateful because you are recapping this awesome series, you know, when i’m are hooked on a show, after watching a episode, I just need to know what others think. I know I sound very nosy (I’m sorry about that), but thanks a lot. Loving this show and I hope Junsu doesn’t end up with Sora (yeah, I haven’t watched the ending yet, so I dunno what to expect, but I have a feeling that Junsu will end up with Sora even though they are fighting about every single thing right now)….. Hoping that I’m not disappointed 😦 Fighting :DDDDDDD

    • hey1308. I hope you have a good time with the drama and with the comments and recaps! I won’t make any comments about the drama’s future for you and let you decide once you see it for yourself… You’ll find my rantings in the recaps, hehe! 😉 I hope you have a fun run with it! 🙂 Have fun at Akiko’s! Hwaiting! 😉

  2. everyone seems like shipping sora-chanjin and despising junsu, but actually i don’t feel Junsu is at fault and understand his feeling. When u’re in depress and stress u’ll throw it out. u can’t hide it that perfectly. that’s only in drama. but in this drama it’s actually different that more like in real life. it shows that every one have their times that waver and have bad feeling inside themselves.

    • Khina, your right, there’s a lot of difference between dramas and reality and there are many a people whom we cannot help but dislike in real life because of similar situations and for them, these situations and their decisions are something that is right. However, I can’t help despising Junsu! Blame it on the writers for making Chanjin so perfect! 😉 😛

  3. OK, thanks for this info 🙂

  4. Thanks for this!

    What about Sora’s parents? I don’t remember if she ever mentionned them.

    • Sora’s parents are alive but there’s no mention of them except at the end of this episode where she tells Jinju that Chanjin has remembered her parents birthdays for the last ten years…

  5. woots..cant wait!!!!

  6. thanks for the recap!!!! i was so relieved when u posted it and i saw it in the morning, really make my day before going to work..anyhow, are u posting ep 14 anytime soon?

    • Thanks Vivien!! Everyone’s positive feedback here is making me really happy! 🙂

      And worry not, the episode 14 recap will be up in a few hours as I’m working on it right now! 😉

  7. thank you for d recap! =)

  8. You have saved a bunch of us who are following this drama but have no where to go for subs or recaps. LOL! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this up! It’s very much appreciated.
    SO I now hate that evil boss lady even more – she’s the major one trying to cause problems between Joon Soo and Chan Jin. Although Joon Soo isn’t helping matters by being an idiot and a jerk. *sigh* Do we know for sure that Joon Soo & Chan Jin are brothers? Or is this just being implied?

    • I’m glad I can be of help regarding the drama and recaps! I know how nerve wracking it is to wait for the subs to come out! 🙂

      And yes, the lady boss is turning out to be the villainous spark here! As for Junsu Chanjin, earlier mentions made it seem as though they were brothers but not it’s more of a reference that the Chairman (Junsu’s Dad) had a part in Chanjin’s mother and is probably atoning for that. The way Junsu acted in this episode makes this seem as the most possible scenario!

  9. AHHH Thank you so much for the recap ! (again) You’ve totally saved me and my confuzzled self. sigh. I’m hoping that it’s going to end up with Chanjin & sora still. ShE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT HIM 😀 aha ^^
    Thanks again ! 🙂 I hope to read more from you soon !

    • Chanjin Sora is so the reason why I’m watching this series! 😉

      I loved Chanjin’s confession to her in the 14th episode, even though she thought he was joking and like the great guy he is, he didn’t correct her.. I’m so looking forward to all the sweet moments to come between these two! When the romantic pairing for them wasn’t suggested, I simply loved their friendship too, but now I’m totally sold to them as a pair and so want it to happen! 🙂

  10. OMG, thank you! You’re amazing! ❤

  11. I originally shipped Sora/Junsu but I started to despise his manipulative ways. At one point he points out that he wants her to just be happy being his girlfriend rather than finding joy in her work (or something similar to that) and that really bothered me. Additionally, having just arrived from being out of country so long, he’s already found a way to wedge himself between Sora and Chanjin and has been very direct about them spending any time together. In the beginning, I felt the same way about Chanjin; he really did use her during their ten years of friendship. Although he’s done that, he seems to have been a shoulder for her to lean on and still continues to support her in such a way. The things he’s done for her are more abstract in nature.

    I also really wish they’d utilize Sora’s intelligence more.

    • Junsu is treading dangerous waters in the drama by acting the good guy and the bad guy every now and then! But I’m okay with whatever the writers do to him because I’m hoping there’ll be a Sora Chanjin pair in the end and the way things are going, I’m sure it’s heading that way! 😉 One thing I liked about Junsu in today’s episode was how he decided to back off from the company when he realized what the truth behind his father’s intentions was; evident in how he tells Sora that Chanjin’s there for the company.

      As for Chanjin, I won’t say he used her because as friends, you often end up helping one another out. In his and Sora’s relationship, she’s the more sober and serious one while he’s the one who ‘s usually playing around so the scales tip towards Sora when it comes to working harder and making the effort. Maybe that’s also why Chanjin leaned on her so much and she always helped him out with work. On the other hand, I love how he’s always been the one she trusts and can talk to regarding anything and how easy and cute their dynamic with each other is! From the beginning, we’ve seen Chanjin also take care of Sora whenever something was wrong or she was heartbroken.

      I also hope in the coming episodes, they’ll show Sora as the strong person Chanjin gets to lean on because judging from the latest episode, we can bet there are some really sad and hard times ahead for Chanjin!

      Ah, I’ll just say, “Yaaaayyyy these two! They are so perfect with each other!” 🙂

  12. Thank you, thank you. I love (or loved?) this show but I am not so sure now, as I don’t know where it is heading. I know most of the readers of your blog are shipping Sora and Chanjin but I am still backing Sora and Junsu for the following reasons:
    1) The “uck” factor that comes from kissing someone in 13+ episodes (Sora/Junsu) to be followed by kissing his brother (Chanjin). I did not realize how old-fashioned I was until this.
    2) Chanjin has used Sora for 10+ years as she helped research/write his projects, cooked for him and whatever else he did. So to me his relationship with her is more like a dependency than a great love affair.
    3) The thought that Jinju will get what she wants (Junsu) after all her scheming just makes me mad… that sets such a bad example. Even though she is more likeable now, I kept on saying “with a friend like her, one doesn’t need an enemy.” For example, she should have called Sora or Chanjin that night Junsu was drunk but instead decided to stay with him in hotel room. Give me a break.
    4) Chanjin may know more about Sora’s likes/dislikes but the fact is that Sora and Junsu think alike (they are both clean freaks and academics) and are probably more compatible. Clean freaks and slobs tend to get on each others’ nerves … as do lazy people and hardworking people. Sooner or later, resentment will set in once they are in a romantic relationship.

    • i was originally supporting JSX SR pairing, but the logical me says it wont happen as JS is getting more selfish and not accepting Sora as she is..however i do hope the writers will do something making the JSXSR pairing possible.. after all this is Kdrama u never know what will happen..

    • Hillary, I guess you can eliminate factor one from the reason of your dislike now because junsu and Chanjin might not be brothers after all! 🙂

      As friends, you often end up helping one another out. In Chanjin and Sora’s relationship, she’s the more sober and serious one while he’s the one who ‘s usually playing around so the scales tip towards Sora when it comes to working harder and making the effort. Maybe that’s also why Chanjin leaned on her so much and she always helped him out with work. On the other hand, I love how he’s always been the one she trusts and can talk to regarding anything and how easy and cute their dynamic with each other is! From the beginning, we’ve seen Chanjin also take care of Sora whenever something was wrong or she was heartbroken. Her blind faith in him speaks louder than anything else: If he were such a bad friend or person, she wouldn’t have such faith in him.

      I’ve kind of grown fond of Jinju especially since I saw her with Chanjin and their friendly dynamic.I don’t know if she’ll end up with Junsu and though I hated her for originally trying to spoil Junsu and Sora’s relationship, I like that she backed out after her talk with Chanjin. As she tells Sora, the only reason she never did anything that night was because of Sora (Though seriously, I see no reason why she had to stay in the first place!) It would be nice maybe to see her redeem herself a bit here on before she gets to be with whoever the writers decide!

      Your theory about them both being the same and hence suitable is quite correct. And there’s also another way to look at it. In love, there’s also the saying that opposites attract! And usually when your in love with someone, you end up completing that person and that person ends up completing you! The reason I’m supporting Chanjin Sora is because Chanjin is always picking up the pieces for Sora and helping her forward, no matter where she’s headed. And over the years, they’ve developed this wonderful rapport with each other where they’re supporting and being with each other as they are… 🙂

      I hope whatever happens, you can have fun with the drama and continue to love it! 🙂

      Oooh, that’s a long reply! :O hehe 😀

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