Color Of A Woman Episode 11 Recap

P.S. My korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes here and there, please overlook them. 🙂

The episode starts off with the chairman in junsus office, happy about chanjins promotion while junsu looks mad and chanjin tells the chairman he believes he has yet a lot to learn. Instead of the chairman, junsu tells him the appointment is good and that he looks forward to a lot of help and work with chanjin in the future.

The chairman also tells chanjin to do his best before getting ready to leave when junsu asks the million dollar question. What is the real relationship between chanjin and junsu? The chairman looks uncomfortable at the question and Chanjin is surprised. Before the chairman can answer, the secretary brings in tea but he politely rejects it.

When the secretarys gone, the chairman asks junsu if hes uncomfortable with chanjins appointment but junsu says he really wants to know the true relationship between the two. The chairman tells him he’s a kid they raised since long ago, blood between them is irrelevant, means doesn’t matter if they’re related or not. Junsu tells his father not to take his words to heart as he, junsu, has always had a curious nature. Chanjiin however, seems bothered by the exchange. Elsewhere at a parlor, Director Shin discovers the Chairman is visiting the company and hurries back.

When he gets up, the chairman tells Junsu to continue with his work and asks Chanjin to take him to his office. Junsu is not pleased and Chanjin also feels bothered knowing it’ll cause junsu more worry. While jinju serves them tea in chanjins office she wonders if the chairman looks like Junsu or not. Chanjin asks the chairman to take his decision back. The chairman wonders if it is because of junsu but chanjin tells him the atmosphere at the office will change because of this and he doesn’t want junsu to worry because of it.  The chairman tells him not to worry too much as hes an important person to him and simply say thank you and accept what he wants to give him; after some time, junsu will accept it too. Although bothered, chanjin stays quiet.

Outside in the hallway Sora bumps into the chairman on his way out and he helps her pick up her stuff. Sora’s manager, intent on stopping the chairman from leaving till Director Shin gets back tries to stop him by telling him Sora has something to discuss with him. Hearing Sora’s name, the Chairman seems surprised and turns to look at her. Hearing Sora is Junsu’s hoobae from school, his expression slightly hardens as Sora tries to make up something to discuss with him but he remains pleasant in the discussion. Her manager’s attempt fails as the discussion ends and the chairman leaves. Director Shin is left fuming when she arrives.

Director shin drops by Chanjins office to extend her congrats and tells him he should be curious about the chairman’s intentions since he made chanjin a board member, hinting at him becoming chairman in the future which hardens chanjins expression and he says her title in a warning tone but she says a last sentence which makes Chanjin curious. Leaving, she tells him to come and ask her anytime he is curious as she knows the secret to him becoming board member. This makes him recall the chairmans words to junsu and wonders at her words as he leaves his office.

Once outside however, I love the way his expression completely changes and softens when he sees Sora and heads over to her but she’s in a bit of a broody mood as she contemplates aloud junsus action towards her. Chanjin looks sad as he hears her and then turns to go back but she sees him there and fondly calls out his name, with the new title, telling him it doesn’t suit him. He has a slight smile as he turns back to her and tells him he doesn’t like it either-his work is double now!

Seeing his sad expression, Sora says he really seems not to like it at which he smiles at her and asks her if they should both go somewhere and improve their mood. When Sora asks where, he says to just follow him and as always, helps her put on her coat and carries her bag for her!

Man, he is just awesome! Writers, liiiiissssssttttteeeeeen !!! 😛

Junsu comes to see Sora but she’s already gone and is about to call her when Jinju calls him up and asks him to come to the front of the company saying its important. She’s called him to share dinner with her. He turns to leave but jinju and the store manager (he’s one of the interesting characters) threatens him into staying and eating. Jinju tells him this is one of the best ways of reducing stress.

Chanjin and Sora are having their own fun at a pojangmacha, enjoying kimbap with some sauce. Chanjin assures her eating it will take away all her stress but Sora looks worried that eating it might kill them.

When she does eat it, its spicy and hot and chanjin laughingly points out see, all the thoughts must have left her mind. Chanjin lightly shares his worries with her.

Chanjin: Who am I?

Sora: Kang Chan jin

Chanjin: Now that I’m board member, am I different?

Sora: Not in the least.

Happy at her answer, he tells her no matter what the secret is, he won’t change either and won’t be bothered. Aww, I love this guy! She shortly tells him the update on her and Junsu’s status, which is almost nil and thanks him for the treat saying its delicious. He just adorably smiles. Everyone, once again – Awwwww!!! 😉

Jinju and Junsu have also managed to bring up their spirits to a happy level as they walk home sipping milk. Jinju decides to go for a tarot reading but junsu tells he doesn’t believe in such stuff. The reading isn’t much good but Junsu looks amused and laughs it off. Turns out, Jinju paid the tarot girl to make that reading.

Chanjin and Sora are also having fun on their way back and stop at a cooking utensils shop. Chanjin realizes for the first time that she has interest in such stuff. Watching her eagerly checking out the pans, he smiles to himself.

She remembers jinju ruined the last frying pan making kimchi fried rice and he reveals he was the one who ruined it. Before she flares up, he makes an adorable puppy face and offers to buy a new one.

They end up in the shop, checking and playing with all culinary items, making jokes and faces and pretending. The store owner gives them two couple cups free along with the pan.

By the time they arrive infront of their house, they’re in full playing mood and are having fun when Jinju and Junsu drive up. Both of them straighten up and turn serious. When junsu hears Chanjin is living in Sora’s house, all of them end up at a bar to talk things out.

Chanjin asks junsu if he already knew about chanjin’s promotion beforehand and guesses right that it was probably the reason why junsu told him to move out. Junsu confirms it and tells him he simply needed to think things out and has made a decision. As long as Chanjin doesn’t change, nothing is wrong. Chanjin assures him he won’t ever change with a wide smile and relaxes. But Junsu still seems suspicious and doesn’t seem to trust Chanjins words even though he doesn’t say it.

Junsu! I’m so hating your character right now!

Jinju asks Sora if she’s really dating Junsu, saying junsus having a hard time while Sora is out doing “haha, huhu” with Chanjin. (Jinju is so funny!) Sora turns the question on her and asks her what she was doing until now with someone elses boyfriend.

Junsu apologizes for asking chanjin to move out but chanjin tells him not to worry. (Chanjin so does have a heart of gold, ever forgiving and ever trusting!) Junsu asks him if he’s going to continue staying at soras and tells him he can go to a hotel or live at the company residence. Chanjin looks really hurt as he realizes the meaning of the words and asks junsu straight on if he dislikes the thought of living together with chanjin again (Not allowing Chanjin to move back in with him is a clear indicator he doesn’t trust Chanjin even if he says he does). Junsu cannot respond.

Junsu! Seriously now, Damn you!

The ladies walk up to them and silently stand for a moment as they mentally decide who gets to sit where. Sora sits down with chanjin, causing junsu to frown. (Seriously, for all the grief junsu’s causing chanjin, he deserves worse!) Chanjin drinks his sorrow away while junsu stares at Sora, who looks away.

Back home, Sora hugs the teddy as she remembers her date with junsu and turns to jinju for advice.

Sora: If the person who did the wrong won’t apologize, will it be laughable if I apologize instead?

But jinju refuses to give advice. When Sora heads out to throw the garbage, Chanjin offers to do it for her but she tells him shes used to doing it herself and runs into Junsu outside.

When she injures her hand, Junsu takes her inside to bandage it up. Junsu asks her if it hurt a lot the day he stood her up and she tells him she thought he ran away again and asks why he never even called. Junsu lies even though he seems uncomfortable with it. Sora believes him and tells him shes sorry for not believing in him and being angry at him because of it.

Meanwhile at home, Chanjin spies on a file Sora had closed away in her desk. Jinju catches him doing it and even though he makes an excuse, she knows he’s lying. She tells him Sora is probably at junsu’s place right now. Chanjin asks her if she wants him to move out as well which makes her ask him if Sora told him to move out. Chanjin sadly smiles at her and doesn’t say anything.

Meanwhile Junsu confides in Sora that his and his fathers relationship is not good at all even though chanjin and his fathers relationship is so good and says its probably his own fault. Sora tells him not to blame himself and he tells her he’s comfortable with hers and chanjins relationship. Sora tells him her feelings for chanjin and him are completely different but he doesn’t seem very convinced.

Jinju in the meanwhile tells Chanjin she must really like Junsu considering she feels nothing when she’s with Chanjin. Sora comes back and tells them they’ve cleared up their misunderstanding and jinju pretends to be sleepy and goes inside. While Chanjin’s preparing to go to sleep, Sora sits down beside him on the couch and chanjin asks if she isn’t going to sleep. She remembers the rest of her discussion with Junsu and wonders to chanjin if her and his relationship is weird.While Chanjin asks her what she means, Jinju who is listening to the conversation from inside simply whispers in exasperation “Did you just realize that?

Lol, I am liking Jinju more and more!! 😀

Junsu had told her he feels uncomfortable with their relationship and had asked her to let go of Chanjin. Chanjin guesses she is also uncomfortable with him being around when she asks him when he’s going to go back to live with junsu and if they are still fighting. Sora tells him she’s okay but she’s worried he might be uncomfortable.

He tells her as long as she’s okay with it, he likes it and is happy here. (Aaaawwww). He tells her if he leaves, he’ll have to go someplace else as he can never go back to junsu’s house and asks her to put up with him for a bit. Though worried because of junsu, she agrees.

That night, Chanjin is awake looking at a picture of his mother and tells her, with a little sadness in his voice that he became a board member. He finds Sora’s glasses on the ground and gets up to put them by her bedside and watches her sleep hugging her teddy bear with a smile.

(Dammit, he is so perfect for her!!! Writttteeeeerrrrsssss!!!! )

The next day, as all three of them head to work, Sora seems preoccupied with Junsu’s words from the previous day about her and chanjin and run into Junsu at the elevator. Junsu quietly takes Sora’s hand in his and the other two see but pretend not to notice.

When the other two get off, Junsu tells her they should start coming to work together tomorrow onwards and asks her if she talked to chanjin yet. (Great, now he’s manipulating her! Can he get any lower?!) She tells him she didn’t get the chance yet and asks him to take Chanjin back into his own home. Junsu tells her he’ll do it if it puts her mind to rest which puts Sora’s mind to rest for the time being.

Junsu’s father calls him up and asks him why he hasn’t taken Sora off the project yet. Junsu tries to reason with him but he won’t listen. Chanjin’s new desk plate comes and Junsu brings it to him himself and tells him he has a few changes, regarding the special line.

Meanwhile in office, Sora and her coworkers checks the new list of names and are surprised Sora’s name has been removed. Sora heads to the restroom to calm herself. Director shin sees the list and remarks “Things are becoming interesting”.

Chanjin is also worried after seeing the list before heading out and remembers Junsu telling him he was about to remove sora because of objections from his father. He also asks Chanjin to give up on Sora.More than a Sora who’s happy because of work, he want’s to make her a sora who’s happy just to be his woman. Even Chanjin realizes its a very selfish decision and asks him if he’s going to make Sora give up on doing what she likes just so he can continue his relationship with her and if she knows what he’s doing.

Junsu!!!! I give up! Just Go To HELL already!

Junsu asks Junsu Sora was removed and requests to put her back on the project. Junsu tells her it’s irrelevant to her but Jinju says she’s worried about Sora and their discussion inevitably ends up on the night he stood up Sora and they were together. Unknown to them, Sora is at the door and listens to their conversation.

She turns to go, trying to control her tears and finds herself face to face with Chanjin. When she runs away to the stairwell, Chanjin follows her. She tells him she and junsu were both supposed to have a fresh start, to deal with everything together, to have believed in each other…

Before she can say more, Chanjin pulls her in for a hug. For the first time ever since she and he have been friends, Sora is taken by surprise.

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  1. I highly doubt the writers of the drama will make Junsu and Sora stay together. He looks like the bad bitter guy who’ll end up alone.

    • @Myra
      i used like the pairing of Junsoo and Sora but with his recent selfish act, i kinda hate him, and with recent progress of the show, it is very likely Junsoo will end up with Jin Joo.. (the way he looks at her..somehow mesmerized by her beauty)….

    • @Myra: Yeah, the way the drama is heading they’re showing a lot of JinjuxJunsu and ChanjinxSora and I hope I’m right when I say they’re probably going to head in that direction. The writers have also given a lot of depth (Seriously, a LOT) to Chanjin’s character with his relationship with everyone and the thing about his past and his mother. It would be crazy to create such a great character and let him be sidelined by another not so well developed character (Junsu).

      Hope we all enjoy the drama hereon and it gives us great moments (especially CJxSR moments) 😉

  2. Thank you for the recap!!

    Seems like I’m wrong…I was the only one liking the relationship between Junsu and Sora. Well, I’m changing my mind now, since he’s being really selfish. But I don’t know, I’m disappointed…I really liked his character in the begining and I’m kinda sad that his issues (because of his family) makes him this way…and prevents him from having a healthy relationship. He’s cold…I like his straight face actually haha Anyway, he has issues and he better do something about it.
    Chanjin…I’m not fond of him, probably because I thought he used her in the past for his studies and work and said he never seen her as a woman. He has lovely facial expressions though and seems like a good guy now.
    I still don’t like Jinjoo but she doesn’t piss me off anymore, that’s progress lol
    I’m so bad at analyzing dramas and relationships…argh.

  3. Hey everyone, Thanks for the overall positive feedback! 🙂 It means a lot! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the recaps ! 😀
    Sigh, I really hope for Chanjin & Sora >< ;; Is it wrong that I REALLY hope for them?

  5. did Junsun’s father object to Sora being in the special line team?why so?

    • I don’t know why exactly, he seems to have some misunderstanding relating to Sora (and here my korean falls a bit weak) and tells Junsu to remove Sora as “It’s enough that your Dad had women problems”…

  6. HI, thanx for the recaps, at least now I know what’s going on after watching the show without subtittles

    After wactching the show for several episodes my 2 cents is that neither of the guys nor the girls are truly evil or angel. And I dun believe Junsu & Chanjin are brothers, but more JS’s dad was in love with CJ’s mom & when she died he simply take care of her son. If CJ is his son I’m sure he has made it legal years before

    As for Junsu & Sora relationship, to me relationship stuck at 10 years ago instead of current. Especially Junsu, instead of getting to know the person she has become in the last 10 yrs, he stil expect Sora to be as she was 10 yrs back.

    Junsu claim to like Sora for who she is & accept her as she is but he ask to choose between him & her job its obvious he never know her well. Despite what he said, even if she rarely dress up or look sophisticated, Sora is naturally a beautiful girl & I guess JS was truly attracted to her, but I dun think he loves her, he is just being obsess with being faithful to a woman & never be like his father but not being in love…whe he ask the question its obvious that he didnt need a woman like Sora but a woman like Jinju instead, a woman who doted on him. Tho Jinju really deserve it its still a pity he never give her a chance. in the pas couple episode I’ve beginning to like Jinjoo, tho she’s annoying she’s stated clearly abt her ‘mission’ to Sora & never back stab her friend. Frankly I think Junsu is more comfortable with Jinjoo than he realised, as much as Sora’s more comfortable with Chanjin.

    Ooh…like most of you guys here I really hope Sora ends up with Chanjin while Junsu will appreciate Jinjoo

    • Let’s see what the big secret between Chanjin and Junsu is! I hope its good, whatever it is! 😉

      As for JSxSR relationship, your right. I also feel they’re stuck in the past and making compensations for it. Hopefully they’ll wake up soon enough! And Junsu’s choices and selfishness has really surprised me! I ddin’t expect such a hate-able character! :/

  7. @Jaycee:

    Lol, I’ve started hating his character ever since the 9th 10th episode when he learns about Chanjin and subsequently asks him to move out! 😛 Maybe the writers will go for JSxSR in the end, but if they do, I want Junsu to do some major redeeming, especially towards CJ and SR!

    That’s also the time I actually started rooting for CJxSR… Before that, I was quite okay with Junsu and Sora… But now, especially when Junsu removes Sora from the project and decides (by himself) that she should be happier as his woman and disregard work for him it drove me nuts! Everytime he’d come onscreen, I’d frown and curse him and every time Jinju or Chanjin came on screen with Sora, I’d go all “Awwww” like a little girl! 😛 😀

    • Now that you mention it, I have seen both Witch Yoo Hee and Chun Hyang! (Sorry, I’ve seen a little too many dramas so it’s hard to recall all names! 😛 )

      I liked him better in Chun Hyang! That is one of my all time favorites despite the fact that I dislike the heroine in it! (Not the role, the actress who played it)

      The problem with Yoo Hee was that I found the drama pace too slow and not very original or captivating in story so I don’t remember the drama itself very fondly!

      I’ll definitely check out School too! 🙂

  8. actually i don’t like sora for jun su.. she don’t have chemistry with him, i don’t like her character but not literally 😉 … i don’t like her moody attitude..And i’m not also sora’s chanjin fan but i watch them together honestly they’re looked brother n’ sister or Bestfriend! not just as a lover there’s no sparkle with them!

    • I agree with you about the chemistry between Junsu and Sora. It really is a bit lacking, and I think their relationship is more based on the fact that their previous experience left unfulfilled feelings rather than love again and their dating to resolve those feelings…

      As for CJxSR, I just love the way he looks at her!

      I hope whatever way the writers do decide to go, the go all the way. If it’s JSxSR, their chemistry should develop, and if its CJxSR, same on their end-there should be romantic chemistry between the friends!


    • jaycee, Jae hee is a good actor and I liked him a lot in One mom n three dads (haven’t seen any other series of his) but yeah, Junsu here is a badass character!! 😀

      • actually he’s not totally bad..maybe he’s selfish on this episode but i think the writers do this to him just because they want to give way for Chanjin’s character.. i think the last episode is favor for Chan Jin and maybe on the next episode is for JOON SOO!!! hope~ 😉

      • Watch his old dramas like “SCHOOL” of KBS were Jae Hee and Shim Ji-ho (Chan Jin) 1st project/drama worked together!

        And also WITCH YOO HEE and SASSY GIRL CHUN HYANG! i surely you that you’ll love Jae Hee more if your gonna watch this two of his best drama!!! i really like him there! not just because of him.. it is just because of his crazy characters and his amazing acting skill! 😉

  10. woots!!! “tornado bad” sounds epic..

  11. @Vivien, There is a major chance the drama will head in that direction but if you understand Chanjin’s character, you’ll realize if he does become entangled into a war with Junsu over the company, it will not be because he is greedy and a bad step-brother..

    If he wanted the company, he’d already have a perfect chance with the Chairman’s support and Director Shin’s backing, but he respects his relationship with Junsu too much to go down that road. In the future episodes, If he does decide to go after the company, it will be because of Sora and in retaliation to Junsu’s selfish behavior… Seeing as how bad Junsu has already become and Chanjin is still nice, I guess it’ll be a “tornado bad” Junsu! 😛

  12. your recaps are superb!!!! i somehow do not like Junsu anymore, in the past few episodes, he has been very selfish..

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