Humsafar: What’s to come

Lately, Hum TV is churning out the drama Humsafar every Saturday which has managed to keep people glued to their televisions like nothing else. Though it wasn’t such a sensation in my house earlier on as no one had read the book or heard the story, I caught up with the drama after three episodes had already been aired. The reason my interest was piqued was because of its title song “Humsafar” sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch. Needless to say, it’s an amazing song. Check it out here.

If anyone is interested in reading the book, catch it here.

What’s happened so far:

Our main couple, Ashar & Khirad are cousins by birth but ones who rarely knew each other when growing up and get married due to circumstances in the family. Though Ashar has reservations to the match at first, he and Khirad end up falling in love with each other but are torn apart by misunderstandings and mistrust created by Ashars mother. She, along with Sara and her mother conspire and exploit Khirad’s naivete and using another boy Khizar as an accessory to their plan, accuse Khirad of adultery. Ashar & Khirad are both heartbroken but powerless in the face of total manipulation. Khirad is thrown out of the house that very night before Ashar even has the chance to claim the truth from her. When he does return, he is told Khirad ran away and was claiming to be “unhappy” in the marriage as Ashar and she were never a compatible match and that she would contact him shortly to demand a divorce.

On the other hand, Khirad has nowhere to go but an old aunt’s house and hence heads there. Once there, she persistently tries to get in touch with Ashar because she believes he will hear her end of the story. However, Ashar has a nervous breakdown before she can contact him and after he recovers, he refuses to take any of her calls. When she finally does get in contact with him, he refuses to listen to her and hangs up. Khirad is taken aback at Ashar’s behavior but persistently keeps trying, hoping to also share with him one thing she was never able to before: her pregnancy.

Days turn to weeks and weeks to months until finally, five months after she is thrown out of the house, Khirad gives birth prematurely to a daughter. Even though there were compications, her child is safe and alive. That day, all hope in her of ever reconciling with Ashar die down as she holds her child in her arms and vows never to think of him or go back to him again.

Yet fate does not always go the way we want.

Four years later, she comes back to see him but not for herself. Their daughter is sick and for her treatments, Khirad had no choice but to come to Ashar. At first, he is angry at her arrival back into his life and ignores her words. A chance encounter with his daughter, Hareem at the hospital however, opens his eyes.

Hareem has a heart condition and needs surgery. Ashar takes her and Khirad to live with him in a new house.Though he would much prefer to keep Khirad out of his life, he puts up with her for the sake of Hareem. On her end as well, there is no love lost. Both are too broken and still too raw from the events four and a half years ago.

What will happen:

Before he knows it, Ashar starts feeling sympathetic with Khirad once again but each time, he reminds himself of what she did to him all those years back and continues to hate her. He doesn’t tell his mother of her return and decides he will do it once his daughter is healthy and fine. He blames Khirad for keeping his child from him for four years. She doesn’t correct him.

Once when they are out and having lunch, Sara witnesses them together and cannot hold her anger in.She insults Khirad and Hareem for coming back into Ashar’s life and Ashar tells her she has no business poking into his life, his attitude more for the insult against Hareem than for Khirad. Uptil now, he still cannot forget or forgive Khirad. Through Sara, Ashar’s mother learns of Khiurad’s return. Sara in the meanwhile, starts losing her mind.

Hareem’s health however, takes a turn for the worst before they realize it and she is admitted into the hospital, awaiting surgery. Here, both Khirad and Ashar forget their past differences as they help each other to bear the tension and anticipation of their daughter’s health. Slowly, Ashar starts warming up to Khirad as he begins to see her in a neutral light, rather than through his hatred and contempt. But Khirad remains distant and Ashar begins to wonder what had gone wrong in their relationship.

Over time, he realizes he had been wrong to judge Khirad the way he had. Slowly, he starts piecing together the events all those years ago as he tries to see what had gone wrong. One by one, pieces fall together in his mind as he realizes that Khizar had lied. What he cannot understand is why?

Ashar’s mother returns from her trip abroad just as Ashar remembers something else. When he had returned from the hospital all those years ago after his nervous breakdown, a servant had given him a letter from Khirad which he’d thrown away but then put somewhere. Hareem meanwhile gets better day by day and Khirad realizes she has to make a decision now regarding their future. She doesn’t want her daughter to be away from her father anymore and Ashar clearly adored Hareem too. Hence she decides that it would be best for her to leave.

Ashar finally relocates the letter and reads it. Khirad had written it the night his mother had thrown her out and reading the truth leaves him stunned. For a while, he cannot believe his mother had a part in bringing this misery to his life even though his mind points out all the clues. As if to add fire to his wounds, he overhears a conversation between his mother and Sara’s mother where his mother says “If I’d known this was going to happen, I’d have made that girl get an abortion the very day I took her to the hospital for the checkup.”

There’s no running from the truth now. All the pieces fall into place and Ashar falls under duress from guilt and shame. He’d first thought Khirad was brazen to act the victim when she was the culprit, now that he knew the truth he saw things from her perspective and realized he deserved to be hated. But before he can ask forgiveness from her, his mom tries to interfere again but this time, he stands up to her. She loses her son and her sanity. When Khirad tells him of her decision to leave, he begs for her forgiveness and asks her to stay with him and Hareem-if not for his sake, then for the sake of their daughter. Realizing Ashar’s guilt and sorrow, Khirad tears up as well and forgives him.

(Yeah, the end is kinda abrupt!:( )

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  1. Its true that men dont have any patience . Nor they have any ability to know or hear the truth . they just belive what their mom & sister says about their wife . they get to the conclusion without any idea , proof & truth ….
    How cunning …………………….

  2. Thanks and sure I will be lurking here for my weekly dosage (hahaha)

  3. I’m forcing myself not to watch anything new because my exams are going to start soon (BA part 1), so I m just reading recaps and comforting my heart.

    Something romantic,how about adding some creepiness and you will have “Chilling Romance”.
    Have you seen this movie?

    • Chilling Romance is a good suggestion! I haven’t seen it yet, so Ill get to downloading it! šŸ˜‰

      Best of luck for your exams! ^^ Hope to keep seeing you around though! šŸ˜‰

  4. I dont watch Mata e Jaan on tv, because its friday (yay free day). So I watch it later on my laptop. The soundtrack of Mata e Jaan is lovely.

    I have heard of Merey Qatil Merey Dildar but I dont think I will watch, I have seen some scenes and they were too much for me.

    Usually I watch one drama at a time (only for Pakistani dramas) about other asian dramas keep them coming.

    • Ill check out the ost of the drama. Might pick it up later. For now, im interested in seeing a completed series, especially romantic. Can be asian, pakistani, english anything! Dying to see some good romance šŸ˜›

      Yeah, some things at the beginning in MQMD were too much (her brother in law). It made me really sick watching it so Id given it up, until the divorce… That scene was heartbreaking… I like the lyrics of the song “tum pe ilzam hae jana meri ruswai ka”…. So befitting… Now shes back for revenge and at the end of yesterdays episode, her ex finds out the truth too…

  5. I see, I’m Pakistani as well but I live in Qatar.

    The story was good, I have seen many stories with the same plot but I dont get why it blew out of proportion?
    Oh yes! when Ashar said “agar iss baat ka koi saboot nahin key Hareem meri beti hai, tu saboot toh iss baat ka bhi nahin key mein Baserat Hussain ka beta hoon” — Best line ever

    and there were many great dialogues through out the drama— I answered my own question

    There’s this new drama “Mata e jaan hai tu” based on the novel, written by the author of Humsafar. I have read the novel and cried buckets and am watching the drama, so far its OK/good, but the criticism is super harsh and everybody (except me) is trying it to relate to Humsafar.

    Have you read that novel or are you watching the drama?

    PS: sorry for my bad English.

    • hehe, Humsafar was so ‘widely known’ because of its track song. It was catchy and it was just AMAZING! QB also got more famous through it. Plus, when you’ve got such a star studded cast like Ashar, Khirad, Fareeda, Sara, the drama is going to go places… Although most people discredited it for not being ‘original’ to the book, to me, it doesn’t really matter…

      Yeah, I’ve heard of Mata-e-Jaan and caught an episode on TV (Epi 2) but haven’t followed it much although I did catch some scenes on youtube… There’s no electricity at our places from 8-9, the time when the drama airs… Pakistan! šŸ˜ I’m still not sure whether Ill pick it up…Although I am watching the Sunday drama, “Meray Qatil Mere Dildar”… At first, it used to make me sick because of some situations in it, but now that things are reversed, I am rooting for it to end well…

      Also, don’t worry about your English! it’s good! šŸ˜‰

  6. Yes, Khirad’s response was the best and Ashar was like ” I’m forgiving you without asking anything about that 4 years”.

    I think its because some where in his heart, he didnt wanted to admit that his wife did something shameful, the proof was the time that they spend together.

    Have you read the novel?
    They changed the story, Sara was involved more in the drama.

    Do you speak urdu as well?

    Ah! one more thing, I have never seen any Pakistani drama being recapped like other asian dramas, may be I haven’t found yet.

    • Hehe, Sara, I live in Pakistan so I speak Urdu! šŸ˜›

      I felt bad for Ashar when he started feeling for her again but was unable to get the same from her but I understand Khirad’s point of view and until Ashar made amends, it was impossible for the two to ever trust or be together again… Still, he deserved all the ill treatment he was getting for not having believed in Khirad. Although some people say Khirad’s acting wasn’t much, I liked her in the scene where she’s blamed at Khizar’s place and the words she uses to defend herself to Ashar. And the best amend Ashar could make in the end was to defend her against his mother and trust her completely, without needing written proof of anything…

      Yeah, I’ve read the novel… They did change it a lot in the later episodes.. Even Khizar wasn’t that involved in the book…

      I do remember seeing Humsafar being recapped somewhere but don’t remember where and haven’t actually searched or found any other…

  7. hello
    ah i wrote such a long comment only to be deleted *cries*
    oh sorry about that : humsafar post, finally i met a person who is urdu speaking (right).
    Yes i have read the novel and saw the drama but only when Khizar appeared before that it was a normal arrange marriage type of story and i didnt bothered watching but when i saw the expression on Ashar’s face the jealousy hmmm aandd i ended up watching it.
    sorry for my bad englsih, urdu mein he bolna chayeh tha mujhe.
    (Indeed a random comment by a stalker)

    • Awww, sorry about the lost comment! I know what it’s like to write a long comment with the best of words and feelings and then pooof! it’s gone and you can’t even reproduce it in the same way! šŸ˜

      Your also first urdu speaking person on the blog! Welcome! šŸ˜‰ Hmmm, I liked the way they built up Ashar and Khirad’s marriage, the way they connect, fall in love and what happened after all that!

      And I especially loved Khirad’s response to Ashar when he didn’t know the truth and wanted to ‘forgive’ her! Awesome attitude, hehe! šŸ˜‰

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