A Dedication – To My Dearest A-Dad!

Life’s fun because we have people around us that care for us, cherish us and make us feel special at all times! They are people we care for, people we cherish and people we hold dear and special because to us, they are one of a kind! When we’re down, they’re there to push us up, when we’re happy, they’re there to celebrate with us, walking together through the ups and downs of life! 😉 And who can be better at all of this than family; than a father? For me, what’s best of all is that I’m blessed with two special Dad’s, both of whom make my world wonderful and fun!

Went to the cinema today and enjoyed watching Mission Impossible 4:Ghost Protocol, not just because it’s an amazing movie but also because I had the best company ever! My amazing, funny and awesome Arizona Dad! A kind n gentle person and with a heart of gold, we became friends four years ago and since then, he has been a wonderful friend, mentor, teacher, great partner for movies and dinner and best of all, an amazing Dad!

Thanks Dearest Arizona Dad! Your one of a kind and the best fun Dad ever! 🙂

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