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For Marlene, Maria and Azka


This whole year has been a roller coaster ride of joys and sorrows and Ive been at the extremes of both! What’s kept me going is hope and belief! Hope of a better tomorrow and Belief in Allah (God)!


And during these turbulent times, thank you for remembering, keeping me strong and being there for me! Here’s to a lifetime ahead together! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

And Azka, Best of Luck on your exams! hehe! ^_^



A Special Dedication

You tell friends what you cannot tell the world-your aspirations, your secrets, your fears and your hopes. A friend in need is a friend indeed- if you have a friend who knows when to be silent, when to give you strength, when to help you laugh and when to wipe your tears; you are indeed the luckiest. Friends are what make it worth it to smile on joyous occasions and who help bear the burden of your sorrows. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life. For me, everyday is a lot easier, knowing the moment I need them, they’ll be right there besides me, the moment I cry, they’ll cry with me, the moment I smile, it’ll be because of them! Every moment of everyday, I feel happy and blessed to have these wonderful people by my side! To all my special friends, THANK YOU FOREVER!


For Marlene and Maria-the friends who constantly gave me a *hug*! Thank you for being there whenever I called out and for helping me stay strong!  We’re a fated M trio! 😉 [N I loved the Video Message! Let’s hound each other and have fun together for the rest of our lives!]

To Azka, I’d be nowhere without my favorite ‘Kiddo!’ Thanks for remembering! 🙂

To Mehwish & Kinza, you two are just so special! We may not know each other’s favorite colors or foods, but our selves are forever connected to one another! 🙂

To the SMS trio, Thanks for giving me a place in your lives!

To Rabia, Oh, tis another day and I still hate you! 😛 And this hate’ll go on for eternity, I’m sure! 😉 (Someday I’ll write up a whole post about hating you so much!)

To Sara, Mona & Sobia, There are a lot of different times ahead for us on our separate paths but these five years that we’ve shared have been so much fun just because we were together! May life have the best in store for all of us in the future! Ill cherish the times we had n really hope that one day all nine of us can get back together and have fun just like old times! Thanks for being my friends!

To Binte, you already got a solo dedication! Got no more to say about you 😛



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