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Story I – Chapter I Beginnings [III]

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Once they had placed all the books on the table and put Annie in a seat, they moved to the side to talk about what had happened.

“Something attacked us.” Su Ae told Ian. “I didn’t realize what had happened until we were both down and I was already cut. The place was very cold but I didn’t think much of it because it had been that way since we came in. I made a shield but it didn’t last long.”

“What kind was it?”

“It was one of the low level demons. If I’d made a stronger spell, I wouldn’t have had to call you either, but -”

Ian cut her off.

“No! No strong magic! You know why!” he stressed.

“I didn’t do any strong spells, Ian!” She assured him. “But I was planning to if you didn’t make it in time. But when the shield broke, it was earlier than I thought and I was unprepared. In the end, someone helped us.” The word someone was said with a noticeable tinge of annoyance.

“Who? Who else could -”

“Well, I wondered the same but that brat was too busy gloating to tell me.”

“A brat?” For a moment Ian chuckled as he forgot about the main issue at hand as he heard Su Ae’s explanation and chuckled at her use of the word and tone. Someone had annoyed her royally.

“He wouldn’t tell me who he was. But he was dressed in a uniform so he’s definitely a student here.” Su Ae puzzled over it, ignoring Ian’s reaction and interest with a roll of her eyes. Damn if she let it get to her head. “Maybe he was a hunter! But he didn’t kill the demon, rather scared it away somehow. Can he be someone like me?”

“No, there’s no one like you.” Ian shook his head as he heard her question. “It could be another demon. But it would be unusual for a demon to be here. I canvassed the areas myself many times. Perhaps he was a hunter. But I didn’t sense any hunters either. This is unusual.”

“Since he was wearing a uniform, that means he’s a student here!” Su Ae said after a moment’s thought to Ian’s words. “I might run into him somewhere sooner or later.”

“Until we know who he is and what his intentions are, we can’t be too careful.” Ian told her.

“Whoever he was, he didn’t seem hostile. He was too pleased with himself to be anything else.” Su Ae replied with a scowl.

Their discussion was cut short when she heard Annie call out to Su Ae and Su Ae hurriedly told Ian to leave.

“I’ll be outside in case anything more happens.” Ian told Su Ae.

“There’s no need for that. I can’t sense anything now and I’m sure you can’t either. Besides, I’ll be heading straight to class now. And I’ll be fine there. If you want, you can check out the area but go home then. I’ll be alright.” Su Ae assured him.



“How did I fall asleep?” Annie asked her as she looked around them with a frown. “Where’d you go?”

“I told you we shouldn’t have stopped to read.” Su Ae told her with a smile as she sat on a chair across from her friend. “I was putting my books back. It’s been half an hour already since we came in. Let’s move on.”

Annie shook her head to try and get rid of the dizziness.

“Somehow I feel dizzy. And my head is killing me!” She said as she took her head in both hands and dabbed between her nose and forehead.

“Maybe I should take you to the infirmary.” Su Ae got up and helped Annie likewise. “You should rest for an hour or two.”

This was one of the parts of her life that Su Ae hated; having to lie and hide things from Annie. Ever since she could remember, she’d never had any close friend or someone she could rely on because of who she was and had always been careful around people. But fate had brought her together with Annie in the most unexpected way and the two had formed an immediate bond which Su Ae was glad to have as part of her life. With Annie, she had opened up more than she would have done with anyone otherwise. They were best friends and she knew Annie told her everything and believed the same about her. But the fact that it wasn’t so and that she couldn’t be truly free and honest with her friend was weighing her down. She had one of the best blessings in her life she could dream of and she didn’t want to lose it so easily. She wanted to move forward, to be more open and honest and maybe even tell Annie everything there is to her life but she didn’t know how and where to begin and she didn’t know what would happen if she did take that step.

Half an hour later as she sat by the infirmary window where Annie was lying down and resting, her mind was still troubled by these very thoughts. It wasn’t until she caught a glimpse of Elijah walking in the grounds with the teacher she had met earlier that she was jerked out of her thoughts. As if sensing someone was watching him, Elijah turned around. As he saw her, the same haughty smile crept back on his lips. With an arrogant wave, he turned back to Will. This time however, she didn’t feel as irritated or as annoyed. She’d always been able to adapt quickly.



“The old man’s gone nuts!” Elijah told Will as they met up near the academics building and headed towards the adjacent grounds. “Are you even sure that girl is her? She couldn’t even summon a proper shield against a low level demon!”

“From what the Master has told me, I derived it to be her. There is no mistaking it.”

“She’s not even a novice!” Elijah retorted. “That was a wretched spell!”

“Maybe she hasn’t bonded with Ian yet.”

“Oh please, ten years and no bond?” Elijah rolled his eyes. “From the looks of the limited talent she did have, if she didn’t have a bond, she wouldn’t have been able to conjure that shield at all!”

“You know Master is rarely wrong and he is the one who identified her first.”

“He’s old! Too old from the looks of this!” Elijah mused with a chuckle.

“And if it is her? What are you going to do then?” Will asked him.

“Ah, I doubt it! The old man may be going senile but I still have perfect sense.”

Will chuckled.

“This isn’t the least bit interesting.” Elijah complained as he poked the ground with his shoe, looking around disinterestedly. “If I’d known it was going to be like this, I would never have budged.”

“Master has his ways of obtaining what he wants.” Will said just as Elijah stopped and looked behind. He followed his gaze and saw Su Ae in the infirmary window.

“I’m sure it’s not that bad!” he chipped in just as Elijah smiled and waved to Su Ae. Knowing Elijah as he did, the smile was not a good omen. Will crossed his fingers as Elijah turned back to him.

“You know what!” Will sensed the excitement in his devilish tone. “It might be interesting after all. All I need is a toy. And I’ve got the perfect one in mind.” He clapped his hands together in anticipation. “And I can actually find out more about her and how bad she is. This is going to be good.” The emphasis on the last word made Will cringe. There was trouble ahead for Su Ae.

“Master is so not going to approve of this!” Will told him.

“Who cares? He’s the reason I’m stuck here anyway.” Elijah’s smile widened.



Su Ae had no idea what was in store for her until three hours later when she and Annie got out from class after their first lesson of the day. Before they went for other lessons, Annie decided to stop by the restrooms. Su Ae tagged along but didn’t see Elijah who saw them go in.

“Hey, how about we go out after school today?” Annie asked her cheerfully as she put her stuff on the washing counter and proceeded to wash her hands and face. “The bakery at the corner near my house, it has amazing cakes and we can have a feast there! It’s your birthday, my treat.”

“I promised Ian I’d be back early today. He wants to have the celebration at home.” Su Ae lounged against a wall, her bag hanging from one shoulder and books hugged to her chest as she stood with her arms crossed. “Maybe some other day?”

“It’s no fun any other day!” Annie whined. “At least a little bit! Let’s go and have something to eat and then we’ll leave early! At least do that!” She moved to dry her face.

“How about this- I’ll call Ian and then let’s see!” Su Ae suggested. “We could always do take out!”

“What’s the fun in that?” Annie said as she picked up her things and headed towards the door. Su Ae followed. “Its your birthday we should make it a blast today! And Ian should forget about his curfew for one day! Your nineteen now! An adult!” She pushed the door open. “And I already booked us a reservation and told mum dad I’ll be back late but -” She was cut short as she turned back and stopped in her tracks. Su Ae was dripping wet, from head to toe. “What-?” was all Annie could say. Several people passing by barely noticed them but a few saw and laughed loudly.

That was exactly how Su Ae was feeling and thinking. What had just happened? It looked like she’d just walked in from a rain storm. There was a puddle forming under her feet and her books were soaking. Someone had thrown water on her from above. But when she looked up, there was just the roof, no pail and no person who could have done it. Walking a few steps ahead, she got out of the way and put her bag down. Annie picked it up and took the books from her hands.

“Here, I’ll help you.”

“How did this happen?” Su Ae wondered aloud as she looked around and found herself staring at Elijah over Annie’s shoulder, standing a distance away with a naughty twinkle in his eyes and a satisfied smile on his face. When their eyes met, he silently mouthed the word. “Oops.”

“You have got to be kidding me!” Su Ae mouthed back at him. He just shrugged with a smile in response.

“Did somebody throw it on you or what?” Annie wondered, oblivious to the enemy standing steps away behind her.

“Yeah, something like that!” Su Ae told her.

“Why? and who?”

“I don’t know! I guess we’ll see!” Su Ae didn’t have the time to be worried about anything. She was starting to feel the cold now. She had to get out of these clothes.

“Let’s go to the infirmary.” Annie said as if reading her thoughts. By the time they reached the infirmary, Su Ae was sneezing badly. She spent the rest of the day there.



“Don’t you think that’s a little too much?” Will asked Elijah as they both watched Su Ae and Annie walk away towards the infirmary.

“This is just beginning to get interesting! Watch ahead! This is getting fun! Don’t you have class?” He replied as he started walking away.

“You know he is going to find out what you’re doing!”

“Let him!”

Both groups failed to notice another presence staring at them from afar.



Annie came to see her around one. Their lessons were finished for the day and Su Ae had missed all but the first. Her clothes had dried out ages ago and she’d already changed back but it seemed she was catching a cold as she couldn’t stop sneezing, which was why the nurse gave her some herbal tea and a pill. By the time Annie came, she was much better but no longer in the state to go out and enjoy the day. Even though she’d rested for hours, she felt all tired up and aching throughout her body.

“Should I call Ian to pick you up?” Annie asked her worriedly. “For some reason, you’ve gone really pale.”

“I don’t know, maybe I’m catching a cold.” Su Ae replied as she stood up. For a moment, the world seemed to be revolving in front of her eyes and she held on to the bed to maintain her composure. “I’ll take the bus back. It’ll take Ian ages to get here.”

“You don’t look fine Su Ae!” Annie was worried. “Maybe you should call him up.”

In reply, Su Ae simply smiled as she collected her books and bag which was still wet and they started walking towards the door.

“Sorry about the celebrations.”

“Well, there’s always another day!” Annie put on a cheerful smile. “But it’s your treat next time!”

“Of course.” Su Ae replied as she stuck out her tongue at her friend. “In a million years.”

“We’ll see!”



When they reached the main gate, Su Ae saw Will out of the corner of her eye, standing in the outer premises by the bicycle stands. He was looking at the main road rather than the gates and seemed to be waiting for someone.

“Hey, you go ahead. I’ll be fine hereon!” Su Ae told Annie.

“Are you sure? I can walk you to the bus stop!” Annie replied. “My house is just a ten minute walk from here!”

“I’m sure. I’ll see you tomorrow then!”

“Okay, tomorrow it is!” Annie bid her bye with a wave and headed in the opposite direction.

Su Ae walked up to the bicycle stands. There were a lot of bicycles but no one there. Only the freshmen class hours were earlier in the day so the students whose bikes were there were probably from a higher class or freshmen staying behind after classes.

“Hey!” was followed by a loud unintentional sneeze.

Will turned at her voice, surprised.

“Oh, hey!” he replied. “You missed class today!”

“Yeah and I’m pretty sure you know why!” Su Ae replied.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that. He gets carried away sometimes.”

“Sometimes? I met him only twice in one day and he was horrible both times!” Su Ae chuckled at Will’s description. Will smiled at her reply.

“Yeah, he’s always like that!” he told her. “But don’t take it personally. He’ll get over it soon enough.”

“To what do I owe the pleasure of being on the receiving end?” Su Ae asked in a light tone. Another sneeze; she was coming down with a cold.

“The way I see it, you confuse him.” Will replied. “He can’t read you, make you out.” Su Ae seemed satisfied with his answer until he added with a bit of amusement in his voice. “And he’s thinking of you as a toy now because he’s bored and wants fun.” Su Ae rolled her eyes as she imagined him and his haughty expression. It fit his image perfectly.

“I’m surprised I think so but that actually seems so like him! Are you his familiar?”

The question startled Will and she guessed that more than the contents, he was surprised at her bluntness. After a moment’s thought, Will let out a smile.

“I’m not really his familiar. It’s a little more complicated than that. But he has my allegiance; and so many others allegiances as well.”

“Unless you were his familiar you wouldn’t owe him your allegiance.” Su Ae pointed out. “Who is he? He helped me this morning and didn’t even flinch when he saw everything.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yourself already. I guess it will all be clear in due time! You’ll find out soon enough.” Will told her as a car pulled up in front of them on the road. “I have to get going now. I hope you don’t fall sick! And be more careful tomorrow. He’ll definitely be just as horrendous!”

With that, he walked away and Su Ae watched as he got in the back of the car and it drove off. She was more puzzled than before about the boy in the uniform.



And that concludes Chapter I. I hope you like how and where it is going so far… See you again soon in Chapter II…


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