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Story I – Chapter I [I]

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Ten years later…

“Wake up kiddo or you’ll be late on your first day!”


Su Ae lay wide awake in her bed staring at the ceiling lost in thought when Ian’s voice drifted in. Today was the day, she thought to herself, it had been the day it all began ten years ago and today, it will be the day all pieces will finally fall in place. From here on, every secret will start rolling out of the bag and all hell would probably break loose soon. What a way to look at her birthday, she thought. Turning her gaze to the uniform and bag on the study table by the door, she sighed. She hated school! Not studying or classrooms as much as she hated the rigidity of the people there. In fact the place she loved the most was the library in the main boulevard. What turned her off from school was how there was always a deadline for everything. Papers, assignments; the whole term was on a deadline.


“You do realize time is important and you want to make a good impression.” Ian was in the doorway to her room now. Carrying a big bowl in one hand and a beater in another, he looked around the room. “Your bicycle’s missing. Where did you put it?”


Su Ae smiled as she got up.

“The chain broke and the front angle got wrong remember? I took it to the garage yesterday.” She laughed at him. “Are you testing your own memory or mine?”

“Well, you are the one I’m worried about.” Ian replied earnestly but there was a hint of a smile in his voice. “No bicycle means no library and straight home today.”


“I can always take the train or the bus to the library, wouldn’t be a bother. In fact, I might do that today, especially!” She emphasized the last word as she stuck her tongue at him. He flicked her on the forehead in response causing her to flinch “Ouch!”

“Whatever, call me and be back before seven. It’s best to be indoors after dark today. You get your freedom back tomorrow.” Ian said as he headed out the door closing it behind him with a final word. “Happy Birthday, kiddo!”

“Yeah yeah!” Although she said it jokingly, as soon as Ian closed the door behind him, Su Ae’s expression turned grim. No one could stop what was going to begin today; she had already prepared herself well and did not want to worry Ian even more in case it was a false alarm.


She headed towards the mirror and took a long look at herself. Things had changed so much over the years. She wasn’t eight anymore. She had inherited her father’s height and was average at 5’4 while her features were a replica of her mother. The most striking feature were her hazel eyes- an unusual combination of green and brown but what others, including Ian did not know was the blue color in them and why they changed. She truly was born a seer and hunter, Su Ae thought to herself. Turning to her desk, she gathered her uniform and started getting ready for the day.


When she came down ten minutes later, Ian had already laid out breakfast and was seated at the table watching the news on the television. He turned and smiled at her as she sat down.


“So, what do you want?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your birthday gift?” Ian replied. “I was just going to head out after you came down for some errands so I can get your present on the way back.”

“Surprise me!” Su Ae smiled at him.


“I can’t believe your eighteen already!” Ian sighed. “Its just like yesterday you were a little kid, hanging onto my bag when we walked together, asking me for bedtime stories!”

“Well, I had to grow up! It doesn’t help that your idea of time runs a little too slow compared to mine!” Su Ae joked.

“Still, you were less troublesome as a kid! I’m taking the spare keys, lock up behind you.”  Ian returned her smile as he grabbed the car keys and headed out.



As soon as she stepped out of the house, Su Ae felt the presence. It was in the air, a heavy cold feeling. But it didn’t make her feel scared. As she breathed softly, she realized it wasn’t an ominous presence. Walking down the steps into the street, she could feel herself being watched but saw no one when she looked right and left after stepping into the street. Closing her eyes for the slightest moment while walking, she tried to calm her mind but bumped into someone as soon as she opened them and her bag fell down, its contents scattering all around.


“Oh, sorry” The words were out of her mouth as soon as she bent down to retrieve her stuff, her thoughts now scattered.

“No, it’s my mistake! Sorry!” The other person knelt beside her and started collecting her stuff with her. The first thing Su Ae noticed about him without a direct look was his black getup. He wore a long coat and black gloves and Su Ae couldn’t see even the slightest glimpse of his skin beneath.

As they got up after she had collected and put everything in her bag, the man simply turned and started to walk away when Su Ae turned to him. After looking at his retreating back and long blonde hair for a moment, Su Ae felt confused. Shrugging her shoulders, she turned and started walking towards the bus stop when the realization hit her.


“Lincoln!” She turned and shouted his name.

He stopped. She ran back and stood in front of him.

“It’s you!” Su Ae exclaimed as she came face to face with him.

He looked at her with a tender expression but did not smile.

“Remarkable memory.” He exclaimed. “You only saw me twice when you were a child.”

Now she realized whose presence she had felt and why it hadn’t been ominous.

“You’re forgetting who I am! I hardly need to rely on memory to recognize someone.” She told him. For several moments after that, neither spoke as they simply stood face to face. For Su Ae, Lincoln’s appearance proved a lot of things and confirmed many of her suspicions. For Lincoln, coming here today hardly had any purpose, but he came just to put his rising worries to rest.


“Ian is not home.” Her voice broke the silence.

“My curiosity got the better of me. I came to see you.” He replied. “You’re coming of age today, but you’re already a lot stronger than I would have guessed.”

“I have a strong memory, and know a little too much!” Su Ae replied. “The fact that you have come here after so long means today truly is the day.”

“A lot is going to happen here on. And I hope you’ll be just fine.”

“How is the peace coming along?”

“Seems Ian keeps you quite informed.” Lincoln mused.

“I stay updated.”

“It is shaky, at best. The Council’s hands are tied. But that does not mean they aren’t trying to wiggle out of it.”

“Then I probably don’t have much to worry about today.” Su Ae smiled slightly.

“Be careful still. Today the pieces will fall in place. There are those who will protect you, but there are also those who will look to fall you.” Lincoln reminded her. “Today is only the beginning. Hereon, fate will forever change. Even you won’t be able to see everything that will happen.”

“That’s the beauty of life.” She replied simply. “What fun would it be if I knew everything?” With a wink, she turned back the way she came. “It’s time for school! I’ll see you around I’m sure! ”



That’s right, she thought as she boarded the bus, life was fun because there was so much going on and no one, not even she knew what was to come. She took out her class schedule and campus map as soon as she sat down at one of the back end seats and started studying them. Today she was going to explore the whole place and make friends with her classmates, she vowed to herself with a smile!


She did not see the parrot that had landed in the bus window as soon as she had boarded it and was there even now, looking at her. After a while when they were just a few blocks away from the campus, a loud whistle rang through the air. Su Ae and everyone else on the bus looked around startled just as the bird flew out and towards the campus. She watched it fly away.


“Search the dark and see the form, before night let it reveal.” She whispered to herself before turning back to the papers in her hand. “This is going to be a fun day.”

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