City Hunter OST Download

Who doesn’t remember the awesomeness of City Hunter Yoon Sung, his arch rival and then later ally and friend Prosecutor Young Joo; Kim Nana, the love of his life and the woman who stood by him and last but not least Ahjusshi, the man who acted as both parent and mentor. If there ever was a drama that tackled revenge in an epic manner, City Hunter was it.

Another favorite of mine is Story of  a Man but both dramas are in different leagues altogether. While Story of a Man focused on a brothers revenge on the person that ruined him, City Hunter not only focuses on the revenge of a man (Jin Pyo) for his best friend but also, the revenge of a son (Yoon Sung) for his father. The story doesn’t stop here.The best part was the focus on the father son relationship between Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung. However evil Daddy Jin Pyo was, he won my heart in the last episode. He truly was a father to Yoon Sung!

Okay, enough reminiscing! :] Maybe I’ll go into it in detail in another post later on!

Considering the wonderful soundtrack it had, no wonder everyone’s been going crazy now that the final batch of the City hunter OST is out! Check it out!

My favorites are Track 2 and Track 9! Black Warrior Indeed! 😉

Track 1-12 are up for download here!


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