Song of the Week – Pisces by Lee Ahn

Now here’s an amazing song “Pisces” by Lee Ahn. Until a few days ago when I hadn’t found the lyrics I could only understand bits and pieces of it, but love it even more now! The movie it was featured on wasn’t so impressive but this is definitely a must listen to song! 🙂


Here’s the song on youtube and the MV has scenes from the movie “He was cool”



My favorite lyric is 3:25 – 3:33. Listen and you’ll love it too!


There’s another MV of it with lyrics and translations. All credits to the respective site owner and translator! Watch it here. Do click and watch!

Enjoy! ^_^


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  1. To see lyrics of the song “Pisces” in both language english as well.
    visit :

  2. A trail of bread crumbs

    Hey this is nice…I’m a singer-songwriter. Check out my blog for the song I wrote and tell me what you think.

    Masroor Unar

    • Hey Masroor,

      Sure Ill check it out, but I’ve never had any exposure to song writing so I don’t know how much help I can be!

      Are you looking to be a professional songwriter?! That’s really nice! 🙂

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