Story – I [As yet untitled III]

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Two Years Later…
It was the same as any other night. White snow adorned the streets, insides were a picture of life with lights seeping out through windows but the outsides were a picture of desertion. For Ian, it was just another one of his chosen days. The notice had come two weeks earlier, the task to be executed on the full moon. As much as he’d wanted to stay indoors on this fortnight, there was nothing he could do once the order came in. His thoughts wandering, he looked up the moon half covered with clouds and thought he saw the color of blood in it. Thinking it couldn’t be and was probably only an illusion, he didn’t look back. Years and decades had taught him that while some things had hidden meanings, some were simply illusions that were of no consequence. Turning around the corner of the block, he came face to face with his companion.

“Cloudy night!” His companion exclaimed. He didn’t respond. Rarely did.

“I’ll be doing the job; you just have to act guard.” His partner continued. “It’s an interesting one, a pity you’ll be missing it; but you know; order calls.”

Apparently his partner was extremely excited and could barely bear it.

“Three targets; its three targets. Can you imagine on one night?” His partner continued. “And one of them is a child. The third has to be taken back alive. It seems there’s more to the ‘child’.”

“It’s not our job to know what more there is.” Ian replied. “Where are we headed?”

“It’s just here,” his companion pointed to an old apartment building at the end of the block as they started walking towards it. “Apartment A-C on the ground floor.”

“Make it quick.”



At first, he thought he imagined hearing Su Ae crying. It had been over a year since he had last seen Su Ae, mainly because she had moved away to some other housing block within the city. There was no way she could be here. She had visited the old neighborhood a few times where he’d seen her, at one time following her halfway back to her place but had stopped himself. Seeing her reminded him of someone he had long since given up any thought about and continuing would only make his guilt worse.

But the sound hit him again. Someone biting back their tears, making careful not to be heard, but his senses were too sharp to not notice the sound even though he stood outside the boundary. It sounded like a small girl. Looking back at the house, he mused it must be the child of the family living there. He was probably imagining it was Su Ae.

“Ian!” His companion’s voice reached his mind.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I’ve got the two with me, but there’s no sign of the third. And they aren’t talking.” His companion hissed. “Come on in.”

Ian had always been fast. Within moments, he was in the lobby of the house. His companion came out from the lounge on his left.

“It seems they might have put a charm to hide the kid. See if you can find her.” His companion told him. “I’ll deal with these two and be by you in a bit.”

A man of little words, Ian simply nodded. Focusing his senses on the house, he closed his eyes. He felt every bit of the house around him, from the small cupboard in the kitchen to the bedrooms upstairs. And It was in the second floor study that he found what he was looking for. Without a word, he opened his eyes and headed upstairs. His companion went back to the lounge.

Opening the door to the study, he simply stood in the doorway. His orders were as the observer. His partner had to complete the task. Two minutes later, his companion joined him. Ian felt the spell weaken, but it hadn’t yet been broken.

“Third’s in here somewhere,” Ian told his partner. “Did you kill the two?”

His companion grinned. “They’ll die soon enough!”

His expression made Ian sick. Even after all these centuries behind him and the nature of his work, he still felt disgusted by violence, and people like his companion. He was a killer, but he felt no joy in his work. Yet again, he felt no sorrow either.

“I’ll be downstairs.” He simply said and headed back downstairs without a backward glance. Instead of heading straight out, he stood in the lounge doorway for a bit. The walls were covered in blood. His partner had a sickening sense. While he looked around the room, he was too disgusted and feeling sickened towards the mess his partner had created that he did not see one of the injured crawling slowly towards him until he turned to head outside, when a hand grabbed his ankle loosely.

“Please!” was the only word said at first. Yet it was enough. Ian’s felt shock as he realized whose voice it was. Slowly, he turned back, looking at the person lying in a pool of blood in his feet.

“Don’t hurt her!” He was right. It was Su Ae’s mother. Blood dripped from her mouth as she tried to speak. “She’s only a child. Don’t hurt her!”

He couldn’t speak. His mind was racing. Why were Su Ae’s parents here? Hadn’t they moved away to a different neighborhood? Were they the ones he and his partner had come to deal with? Why them?

“She’s too special.” Her mother muttered weakly. Her hand fell away. Ian watched the wounds on her body. His companion had stabbed her body all over but missed all the vital points by intention. She was slowly, painfully bleeding to death. He heard his partner laugh upstairs. It was a sickening sound and Ian knew what it meant. He had found his prey.

He crouched down next to Su Ae’s mother and she slowly looked at him.

“Do you live here?” he asked in an urgent tone. “Is this your house?”

“Upstairs.” she whispered. Ian’s heart sank.

“This won’t hurt.” Ian told her and his hand moved to the back of her neck. The next minute, her head dropped to the ground, unconscious.

With one last look at the bloodied room, he rushed back upstairs.



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