Eid ul Adha Mubarak

To all the Muslims out there, Happy Eid ul Adha Mubarak. May it be the best Eid ever and may Allah accept all our sacrifices and shower His blessings upon us!


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Architect and Aspiring Writer

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  1. Lol, it was a bit personal but its okay 😛 It’s been nice knowing more about each other! 🙂

    Definitely write more often! It’ll seem hard at first, but keep at it! I had a mentor a long while back and she helped me with the basics of writing which is why my concepts are a bit clear so writing comes easily at times 😉

    Do give me feedback on my written excerpts! It’s much needed and much appreciated!

    • A trail of bread crumbs

      Sorry again. Yes, it has been nice to get to know you Mariah. Umm I don’t think I will be of much help to you, I’m just an amateur. I ask you to give me feedback as it will be really helpful for me.

  2. It’s been only a few months for me too! Let’s both keep doing our best and take our blogs much further! :]

    I’m blogging under a Japanese alias and in the name Hitomi means pupil of the eye and Akiko means Iris; light and bright.

    • A trail of bread crumbs

      WOW! You are really talented, I will try my best but my inspiration is inconsistent. That is a very clever blog name :D. How old are you?

      • The secret to a successful blog is being consistent. If you can’t write that often yourself, look for other things around that can fill the bracket in between [That’s pretty much the rule I’m applying here so that I’m always able to update and bring in something new] This keeps generating traffic and an interest!

        P.S. Never heard of the saying don’t ask a girl what her age is? 😛 I’ll be 23 this December.

      • A trail of bread crumbs

        Thank you for you advice I shall try my best to write more often.
        Hahaha I know and I’m sorry if it was too perosnal. I was just curious because you seemed so mature in your writing and I was really impressed. I am 20 btw

  3. Thanks! 🙂 My real name is Mariah… Where are you from?

    • A trail of bread crumbs

      My name is Masroor. I’m from Pakistan and living in Bristol, UK. What about you?

      • I’ve seen your blog too! Really nice work!! How long have you been writing?

        I’m from Pakistan too and living there currently…

      • A trail of bread crumbs

        Thank you that really means alot. I have been writing for a few months now, What about you? Oh cool, At first when I saw your blog name I thought you were Japanese? What does it mean?

  4. A trail of bread crumbs

    Are you Muslim?

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