Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

Our Love

Being writers comes with the bonus of feelings. When I wrote the following piece and gave it to a teacher for reading, the first thing she asked me was if I was in a relationship! 😛 And the answer was and still is, a no! 😀


So here goes, read on and enjoy:


“Life feels beautiful. It appears to be by my side, laughing and holding my joys in its palm. I look at the shining sun and see your smile beckoning to me, promising so much more. When sorrows try to drown me, I can feel the rain washing down with your love, taking the sorrows and all the pain away. Every step that I take, I can hear your tread beside me; every time I stumble, I feel your hand that grasps mine and steadies me. Is it the same for you? Can you feel it too? The ease in life’s sorrows? The joys that creep into the heart o the mere sigh of a smile? The warmth that comes from knowing life is better because we stand by each other! Can you see it, the love that sparkles in my eyes for you… Can you?”

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