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Quote of the Week

You change for two reasons. Either you learn enough that you want to or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to.



Song of the Week – I Love Him By Ding Dang

Song of the Week today is “I Love Him” by Ding Dang for the taiwanese drama Autumn Concerto!


Listen to it and enjoy it! It’s truly an awesome song! ^_^




Call Centre no koibito Episode I

The reason I picked this drama is simple! It had an entertaining plot line and after watching a bitter sweet and tragic love story, nothing’s better medicine than funny and witty! Does this drama uphold that for me, Let’s see!

The Episode starts off with our hero Tokura Wataru in a talk show where he has appeared as a guest to discuss his best seller book, the queen of complaints. However, before the hostess can ask anything, he starts shouting into the camera “Aoyama Kyoko! Please contact me! Wherever you are, please contact me!” until he has to be forcibly removed from the set.

Going back in time, he narrates how his life was before he met her (Kyoko). He was doing great at his job in a television shopping program and was at the head of his game, selling products like hot pancakes! His bosses were happy with him and he was happy with life. However, a mistake by the MC (Nankyoku Aisu) on the program lands him in trouble. While selling pruning shears, the MC declares that the shears can “cut anything” leading to great sales, but even more complaints from people who declare the shears cannot cut metal! 😀
The story, he narrates, is of the professionals who handle the hidden part of television shopping-the complaints centre. Sitting in a bar that night, he is having drinks with a colleague while complaining lightly about the host MC’s words. Unbeknownst to him, she is sitting nearby and hears him.

The next morning at work, he receives a transfer order. However irrational and unjust the decision is, there is nothing that can be done about it. His boss tells him to be patient for six months or a year, after which the boss’ll transfer him back. With a heavy heart, he packs his stuff and is leaving the company when he runs into Aisu. She tells him to give a message to Kyoko “You should just keep handling customer complaints, don’t overstep your boundaries” when he reaches the “end of the earth Chiba”. Not really getting what she means, he heads off to Chiba.

First he takes the train and arrives at the outskirts of a town where he misses the bus going to town by just a few minutes. He has to board another bus later which drops him off at a stop in the middle of nowhere. On the drive, he reads through the customer complaint manual. Taking in his surroundings, he asks the driver if he’s at the right stop to which the driver tells him that he’s still got a long way to go. As he’s wondering whether he should call a taxi, the bus driver tells him there are no taxi’s in this part of the town.

Better yet, the mobile is out of signals range. What follows is the longest and most arduous walk he’s ever had to experience. Thirsty and tired, he wonders where the convenience stores are. Halfway through the walk, his suitcases wheel breaks down and he ends up having to carry his luggage with him as well. In the end, he finally manages to get to his destination. Once inside, he simply collapses from thirst at the reception.

One of the workers comes out to greet him and seeing his weary state runs off to get him some tea. Wataru spots a vending machine close by and rushes to get himself a drink but is short of coins. He’s lying there chanting water water when a woman walks by and seeing his poor state, pours water on him. He straightens up immediately, grabs the bottle and cup from her hand and starts drinking. By the time he’s drunk to his content and turns to thank her, she’s already long gone.

Anyways, the boss comes out to greet him and take him for introductions to the whole staff. As soon as they enter the centre for accepting orders, all women ooh and aah over the “Tokyo Dude”. His eyes fall on a duo while descending the stairs and the two women wink and him, causing him to almost stumble. God, I love his expressions! Humor like this is one of the reason I love Japanese dramas!

His boss warns him that the women around here have no way to release their pent up stress from listening to customer complaints all day long and that once your caught, it’s impossible to be free! 😀

Taking him to the customer service centre, the boss introduces him to the staff there who are unfortunately too busy dealing with calls at the moment to give him more than a nod or a passing glance even though it is just four people.

Here is their intro:

And last but not least

Wataru remembers the words Aisu had spoken to him as he watches Kyoko take a customer’s call.

That night, Wataru wants to head home after his welcome party where the boss gets too drunk and starts vomiting on the road while exclaiming how much he hates the country side. His boss informs him his residence is not totally ready since his transfer was on such short notice. Wataru asks where he should spend the night then. He is told to freely use the night room in the call centre for the time being.

Once back there, he finally goes over the events of the day and concludes he hates the countryside as well and wonders why he has to suffer like this. Spotting a phone, he decides to call his girlfriend, Shizuka. Before he can make the call, the phone rings. While he’s trying to scramble through the manual trying to find answers to the customers complaints who has called in the middle of the night, Aoyama appears behind him and takes the phone, answering the customers questions with utmost care despite having just woken up.

Kyoko tells him the reason she wasn’t at the welcome party was because she was answering customer calls at the centre (Now that’s a dedicated employee!). Wataru can’t believe she stays overnight at the centre and asks her to forget what he was saying before the phone rang. She tells him its already forgotten, switching modes is already her specialty. However, he can’t seem to take a hint when she turns back to sleep and starts chit chatting asking question after question. While listening to him, she starts focusing on his face and then a sudden slap from her quiets him down. She explains there are a lot of mosquitoes around before going back to sleep. The incident is witnessed by a worker of the call centre. Wataru is left speechless and more confused than ever.

It’s a bright morning the next day. Wataru gets ready and heads to work where he runs into a group of women from the call centre who are gossiping about him. When he greets them, he is promptly ignored. When they witness Kyoko coming in, they run over to her side, expressing their concern for her. What was a normal incident was translated as:

Wataru begs Kyoko to clear the air about the misunderstanding but she tells him shes already forgotten all about it. His own attempts end futile. Kawabe and Uno Ben walk in behind him and tell them Kyoko has no interest in people who stand in front of her yet her heart always goes out to the people on the calls.

Next, they all sit down to watch the latest show on television shopping. They’re all bored with the program already and don’t like Aisu as the hostess much. Only Kyoko says nothing as she silently watches the show. Soon its lunch time and everyone goes off to lunch, leaving one line open and asking Wataru to stay behind and take the calls.

Just as he decides to call his girlfriend and picks up the phone, he turns to see Kyoko standing there. Assuring her he will be fine, he tells her to go ahead and enjoy lunch. He finally ends up getting the call through and starts his whining. 😀 Somewhere else however, someone is listening to his conversation on speaker phone. (I’m afraid it’s all the women from the call centre and considering what he’s saying, he’ll have a very bad time ahead!)

Ah no, it turns out its just his colleagues who were worried about leaving him behind so came back to cheer him on. The workers tell him he’s the useless one around here as he is using the phone for personal calls and is even sexually harassing people. Wataru apologizes for the personal call but tells them the sexual harassment was just a misunderstanding. The phone buzzes with a complaint for Kyoko but the others stop her from taking it and ask Wataru to take it. Man, he is in for a big letdown! 😀 Everyone tells him to please not mess it up. He takes the call.


The call is a disaster. The person on the other end is an old man who is unhappy that the pruning shears are not cutting ‘something’ but Wataru fails to listen well and ends up making the customer even more angry. Kyoko tries to take back the phone and talk to the customer but the damage is done and he hangs up on her. Kyoko and the others try to correct Wataru’s conception “We are just supposed to listen to peoples formal complaints not talk about their lives” but he doesn’t listen and tells them it’s stupid to be concerned with their lives and there’s nothing written about it in the manual either.



The others don’t take his complaints and earlier harsh comments about them to heart. Feeling embarrassed about what has happened, he storms out. Kyoko still seems hung over the person who called, worried about why he was so agitated and the strange end to the call. Kawabe walks up to him as hes sitting outside sulking by himself and tells him how everyone is desperately clinging to their job here. Its given them hope and all the people who live here have a way to earn something for themselves. Wataru wonders about Kyoko and her reason and Kawabe tells him she is not a native of the area and “drifted in from somewhere” and had always been interested in listening to people’s complaints and responding to them rather than taking their orders. Wataru comments that she really is different.


Just then Ben comes running up to them and tells them to quickly come back as there is an emergency with the customer who had just called. When they get back, the customer is on the line, wanting to talk to Wataru, still angry and agitated. On the news behind him, there is a headline running about a man having taken hostages somewhere. The customer asks Tokura which blade is used to cut branches. Tokura guides him but there is impatience in his manner and voice. When he asks Tokura something else, Wataru tells him to read the manual which is when the complaitant becomes angry and tells him he doesn’t have time to read all the details and someone shouts save me from behind him. Everyone turns to see the scene on television. The person there has someone hostage and it is the very customer who is on the phone with Wataru.


Now this is trouble! Kyoko tells everyone she’ll look for callers history and everyone else disperses to work with her. Wataru is frantic and tells them they should alert the police but everyone ignores him. It has caused trouble at the main headquarters as well where the whole company is scrambling to try and remove their name from the bad press.


The others trace his records and find out he has done a lot of shopping from them over the past few years but had recently stopped. As it happened, he had originally started purchasing couple set things but changed recently and bought the pruning shears. Kyoko and the others start thinking of the reasons he might be facing to make such a choice in the recent past. Wataru is confused and wonders what everyone is up to. Minutes later, the newsperson announces details about the suspect who has taken hostages and it turns out exactly the same as what everyone had predicted.


Kyoko has an idea and realizes why the suspect bought the shears and what he wishes to use them for. Back at headquarters, things are frantic and they call Wataru telling him to open up the lines and respond to peoples complaints. Aisu tells them to stop playing detective and get back to work. While Wataru talks politely, the rest tell Aisu to shut up! 😀 Here the others tell Aisu they want to send back Wataru as he is of no use to them but Aisu refuses and reveals she is the one who had him transferred. When Wataru asks why, she refers to him as a bug and tells him to stay there and deal with complaints until he retires.



The customer calls again and demands to talk to Wataru but Kyoko talks to him and asks him if what he really wanted to cut was a big metal sign in front of the window in his room so he could get sunlight inside. The customer asks how she knew and admits she is right. In flashbacks, he tells us how happy he and his wife were to be living together even though it was a small house and they had little light but then the bank put a signboard infront of their window, blocking all sunlight.



The bank further gave him a hard time with his loans resulting in his business going bankrupt and he was unable to find another job. That was when his wife left him. He purchased the shears so he could cut down the sign since they said it could cut anything but it didn’t work. Losing all hope, he simply went out onto the streets and walked around listlessly. That was when he happened to reach the bank officers house by mistake and saw beautiful peaches on the trees there. He was hungry and asked for a few peaches but the owner refused, misunderstanding his intent after seeing the shears in his hand.


He wonders where his life went so wrong. Wataru takes the phone from Kyoko and starts talking to the customer, telling him they both share the same fate as even Wataru can no longer see his future. However, Wataru was a little too emotional in comparing each other and the customer points out his fault. Angry, the customer moves towards the hostages he has taken but Kyoko stops him as she tells him someone else bought the same shears for the same reason as him. And it was his wife. She had called the previous day with the same complaint that she was unable to cut a large metal signboard.


If that sign went away, we might be able to start over as a couple, were her words. The customer is startled and surprised. Kyoko tells him he is not alone. He realizes the meaning behind her words and breaks down in tears. Here, Wataru is overcome with emotion and starts crying too.



A somber and serious Kyoko suddenly shouts into the phone:


The customer looks to the couple he has taken hostage and prepares his shears. Heading out, he goes into the garden and cuts a peach from the trees. Everyone in the complaint centre office cheers as they watch it unfold on tv. Even Wataru is amazed. At headquarters, everyone is happy the dilemma is over but Aisu tells them to use the whole event to their benefit and feature the item in the show once again.


Everyone goes to the beach to celebrate their silent victory. Wataru confides that he will not be running back to Tokyo. The customer taught him that no matter the kind of job he had, as long as he had it, he was fortunate. The others are pleased with his attitude and invite him to join them for drinks. As they are happily chatting away, he spots Kyoko sitting away by herself. He asks her how she knew the customers feelings so well and she tells him it was obvious the same way it was obvious he was thirsty which is why he drank all the water from her bottle the day he arrived.


He turns to the others and grins at them that Kyoko really is a little different when she walks up to him and slaps him again (I am so loving the slaps! Haha, his expressions are so hilarious!). She tells him there was another big mosquito but she let it get away this time. No one else seems surprised. With that, she heads back to work. Poor Wataru is left screaming after her.

Hope you enjoyed episode I as much as I did! I’m not sure if Ill be continuing the recaps ahead though. Ive yet to see another episode of it but it is a nice reprieve from the last japanese drama I watched which was a bittersweet tragedy and made me cry buckets! Right now on my list are this drama and another and from what I’ve seen of the first episodes of both, my mind is swayed towards the other option! Let me watch more of this and then decide! However, if there’s someone out there who does want more recaps, lemme know and I might just go for it! 😉


Story I – Chapter I [I]

Continued from Here



Ten years later…

“Wake up kiddo or you’ll be late on your first day!”


Su Ae lay wide awake in her bed staring at the ceiling lost in thought when Ian’s voice drifted in. Today was the day, she thought to herself, it had been the day it all began ten years ago and today, it will be the day all pieces will finally fall in place. From here on, every secret will start rolling out of the bag and all hell would probably break loose soon. What a way to look at her birthday, she thought. Turning her gaze to the uniform and bag on the study table by the door, she sighed. She hated school! Not studying or classrooms as much as she hated the rigidity of the people there. In fact the place she loved the most was the library in the main boulevard. What turned her off from school was how there was always a deadline for everything. Papers, assignments; the whole term was on a deadline.


“You do realize time is important and you want to make a good impression.” Ian was in the doorway to her room now. Carrying a big bowl in one hand and a beater in another, he looked around the room. “Your bicycle’s missing. Where did you put it?”


Su Ae smiled as she got up.

“The chain broke and the front angle got wrong remember? I took it to the garage yesterday.” She laughed at him. “Are you testing your own memory or mine?”

“Well, you are the one I’m worried about.” Ian replied earnestly but there was a hint of a smile in his voice. “No bicycle means no library and straight home today.”


“I can always take the train or the bus to the library, wouldn’t be a bother. In fact, I might do that today, especially!” She emphasized the last word as she stuck her tongue at him. He flicked her on the forehead in response causing her to flinch “Ouch!”

“Whatever, call me and be back before seven. It’s best to be indoors after dark today. You get your freedom back tomorrow.” Ian said as he headed out the door closing it behind him with a final word. “Happy Birthday, kiddo!”

“Yeah yeah!” Although she said it jokingly, as soon as Ian closed the door behind him, Su Ae’s expression turned grim. No one could stop what was going to begin today; she had already prepared herself well and did not want to worry Ian even more in case it was a false alarm.


She headed towards the mirror and took a long look at herself. Things had changed so much over the years. She wasn’t eight anymore. She had inherited her father’s height and was average at 5’4 while her features were a replica of her mother. The most striking feature were her hazel eyes- an unusual combination of green and brown but what others, including Ian did not know was the blue color in them and why they changed. She truly was born a seer and hunter, Su Ae thought to herself. Turning to her desk, she gathered her uniform and started getting ready for the day.


When she came down ten minutes later, Ian had already laid out breakfast and was seated at the table watching the news on the television. He turned and smiled at her as she sat down.


“So, what do you want?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your birthday gift?” Ian replied. “I was just going to head out after you came down for some errands so I can get your present on the way back.”

“Surprise me!” Su Ae smiled at him.


“I can’t believe your eighteen already!” Ian sighed. “Its just like yesterday you were a little kid, hanging onto my bag when we walked together, asking me for bedtime stories!”

“Well, I had to grow up! It doesn’t help that your idea of time runs a little too slow compared to mine!” Su Ae joked.

“Still, you were less troublesome as a kid! I’m taking the spare keys, lock up behind you.”  Ian returned her smile as he grabbed the car keys and headed out.



As soon as she stepped out of the house, Su Ae felt the presence. It was in the air, a heavy cold feeling. But it didn’t make her feel scared. As she breathed softly, she realized it wasn’t an ominous presence. Walking down the steps into the street, she could feel herself being watched but saw no one when she looked right and left after stepping into the street. Closing her eyes for the slightest moment while walking, she tried to calm her mind but bumped into someone as soon as she opened them and her bag fell down, its contents scattering all around.


“Oh, sorry” The words were out of her mouth as soon as she bent down to retrieve her stuff, her thoughts now scattered.

“No, it’s my mistake! Sorry!” The other person knelt beside her and started collecting her stuff with her. The first thing Su Ae noticed about him without a direct look was his black getup. He wore a long coat and black gloves and Su Ae couldn’t see even the slightest glimpse of his skin beneath.

As they got up after she had collected and put everything in her bag, the man simply turned and started to walk away when Su Ae turned to him. After looking at his retreating back and long blonde hair for a moment, Su Ae felt confused. Shrugging her shoulders, she turned and started walking towards the bus stop when the realization hit her.


“Lincoln!” She turned and shouted his name.

He stopped. She ran back and stood in front of him.

“It’s you!” Su Ae exclaimed as she came face to face with him.

He looked at her with a tender expression but did not smile.

“Remarkable memory.” He exclaimed. “You only saw me twice when you were a child.”

Now she realized whose presence she had felt and why it hadn’t been ominous.

“You’re forgetting who I am! I hardly need to rely on memory to recognize someone.” She told him. For several moments after that, neither spoke as they simply stood face to face. For Su Ae, Lincoln’s appearance proved a lot of things and confirmed many of her suspicions. For Lincoln, coming here today hardly had any purpose, but he came just to put his rising worries to rest.


“Ian is not home.” Her voice broke the silence.

“My curiosity got the better of me. I came to see you.” He replied. “You’re coming of age today, but you’re already a lot stronger than I would have guessed.”

“I have a strong memory, and know a little too much!” Su Ae replied. “The fact that you have come here after so long means today truly is the day.”

“A lot is going to happen here on. And I hope you’ll be just fine.”

“How is the peace coming along?”

“Seems Ian keeps you quite informed.” Lincoln mused.

“I stay updated.”

“It is shaky, at best. The Council’s hands are tied. But that does not mean they aren’t trying to wiggle out of it.”

“Then I probably don’t have much to worry about today.” Su Ae smiled slightly.

“Be careful still. Today the pieces will fall in place. There are those who will protect you, but there are also those who will look to fall you.” Lincoln reminded her. “Today is only the beginning. Hereon, fate will forever change. Even you won’t be able to see everything that will happen.”

“That’s the beauty of life.” She replied simply. “What fun would it be if I knew everything?” With a wink, she turned back the way she came. “It’s time for school! I’ll see you around I’m sure! ”



That’s right, she thought as she boarded the bus, life was fun because there was so much going on and no one, not even she knew what was to come. She took out her class schedule and campus map as soon as she sat down at one of the back end seats and started studying them. Today she was going to explore the whole place and make friends with her classmates, she vowed to herself with a smile!


She did not see the parrot that had landed in the bus window as soon as she had boarded it and was there even now, looking at her. After a while when they were just a few blocks away from the campus, a loud whistle rang through the air. Su Ae and everyone else on the bus looked around startled just as the bird flew out and towards the campus. She watched it fly away.


“Search the dark and see the form, before night let it reveal.” She whispered to herself before turning back to the papers in her hand. “This is going to be a fun day.”

We are heartless people, not because we cannot see others pains and plights, but because we choose not to see the suffering of others,

We are selfish people, not because we wish for things to be ours, but because we take things from others for our personal dreams,

We are careless people because instead of dwelling on our purpose, we choose ignorance…

City Hunter OST Download

Who doesn’t remember the awesomeness of City Hunter Yoon Sung, his arch rival and then later ally and friend Prosecutor Young Joo; Kim Nana, the love of his life and the woman who stood by him and last but not least Ahjusshi, the man who acted as both parent and mentor. If there ever was a drama that tackled revenge in an epic manner, City Hunter was it.

Another favorite of mine is Story of  a Man but both dramas are in different leagues altogether. While Story of a Man focused on a brothers revenge on the person that ruined him, City Hunter not only focuses on the revenge of a man (Jin Pyo) for his best friend but also, the revenge of a son (Yoon Sung) for his father. The story doesn’t stop here.The best part was the focus on the father son relationship between Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung. However evil Daddy Jin Pyo was, he won my heart in the last episode. He truly was a father to Yoon Sung!

Okay, enough reminiscing! :] Maybe I’ll go into it in detail in another post later on!

Considering the wonderful soundtrack it had, no wonder everyone’s been going crazy now that the final batch of the City hunter OST is out! Check it out!

My favorites are Track 2 and Track 9! Black Warrior Indeed! 😉

Track 1-12 are up for download here!


Story – I [As yet Untitled IV]

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Part IV Continued below:


Ian saw her as soon as he entered the room. She stood in the corner with her left hand ferociously clutching a chair while her expression twisted with pain. Her right sleeve was torn, blood trickling down to the ground and the arm covered with cuts and bruises, while her hand clutched a small white teddy bear, now almost blood red. She was no longer crying even though her eyes were teary and Ian could see the dry trail of tears on her face. But despite all the pain, she kept glaring at her attacker.


“I thought the orders were to take her alive.” Ian stepped in.

“Damn kid won’t let go of the bear!” His partner exclaimed.

“Let her keep it.”

“It’s annoying me!”


Su Ae closed her eyes momentarily as another cut slowly and deeply formed on the back of her hand. Her hand opened slightly but she held on to the bear. Before he realized he was doing it, Ian had already reached her side and clasped her arm. She winced loudly but didn’t loosen her grip.

“Let go of it.” Ian asked her gently. Looking straight at him, she shook her head. Ian could see the pain twisting her expressions but she didn’t even flinch. There was a pool of blood on the ground. His partner came up to them.

“What’s the deal with her?” He went on. Kneeling down, he gave Su Ae atop to bottom look. “What can the elders want with her?”

“It’s not our job to know what more there is.” Ian reminded him harshly.

“How can -” his question was cut short when he reached forward to touch Su Ae but was violently thrown back towards the wall just as she turned her gaze to him. For a moment, there was a deafening pause.

“How can you touch her?” his partner’s voice was puzzled as he tried to steady himself and stand. “How can she have powers at her age?”

“It’s got to be your own fault. Stop messing with her.” Ian told him, missing out that his partner used the word powers. “Nothing happened to me.”

“That’s what’s odd! How can you touch a hunter and not be affected?”

“A hunter?!” That took Ian completely by surprise. “They’re hunters?”

“Oh.” His partner realized his slip.

“What don’t I know?” Ian repeated.

“I received the notice three weeks ago. They were being watched since they were spotted four weeks ago. The Council had set bounty on them and gave the order.”

Ian couldn’t think straight anymore. He had to walk; he had to get his thoughts together. Rather impatiently, he got to his feet and started pacing the room. After a moment, he turned to his partner.

“You got the notice three weeks ago but it came to me a week late.” Ian asked him. “Why?”

“Some things are not for you to know about.” This time the voice came from the doorway. “You’re being unusually curious Ian!”

“Lincoln!” Ian didn’t have to turn to see the person standing there. His curiosity just went sky high. If even Lincoln were involved, he couldn’t even imagine how things were. “It’s a pretty boring night for you to be out.”

“I came to make sure everything was smooth on this end. Seems I was needed after all.”

Lincoln replied and turned to Ian’s partner. “Your work is done. Leave. I’ll take it from here on.” The man vanished within moments. He knew better than to question an order from Lincoln.

“I wonder what has got the Council so interested in her!” Ian commented.


“There is a lot going on that you wouldn’t know of. That’s the price you pay for being an exile.” Lincoln replied. “I’m surprised you weren’t able to figure everything out sooner. The parents might have been alive if you did.”

Ian had no answer to that.

“She’s just a kid.” Was all he could say.

Lincoln finally walked into the room and headed straight towards Su Ae. Reaching her, he muttered something and her eyes started to flutter. Seconds later, she collapsed but Lincoln saved her from a fall and gently put her down on the floor.

“You and I both know the Council takes what it wants.” Lincoln reminded him. “The question is not what they want; it’s what you want and are willing to do for it.”

“What do you mean?”

“If she goes to the Council today, she might be dead before we know it.”

Ian felt cynical. “What are you suggesting?”

“The girl’s life is in your hands.” Lincoln said it in the simplest terms.

“The Council will never let that happen. They will never stop looking for her.”

“And we both know things can stay hidden from the council when needed. This girl is far more than you can ever imagine and can do far better or worse than anyone knows but that is a future no one has seen. Will you simply stand to let them kill her?”

“How do you know that?”

“The Council was never going to send the order to you.” Lincoln came face to face with him. “They had already sought someone else for this job. They know your connection to her. They’ve observed you all these years. They can sense the change even if you can’t.”

“So the fact that they were discovered four weeks ago is a lie.” Ian realized. “What did you do?”

“Our mutual friend who was contracted was suddenly unavailable.” Lincoln replied with a slight smile. “The Council had no time for other options.”


Lincoln moved back to Su Ae’s side and started bandaging her hand. Silence prevailed as Ian’s mind spun with the information he had just heard and all the possibilities and chances he could think of. Finally he asked the one question that was haunting him.

“Why her? We’ve taken out hunters before but we’ve never hurt a child. Why now? Why her?”

“Whatever course of action you decide upon, you’ll get the answer to that question in due time.” Lincoln told him. “Now is not the time. Make your decision, she is waking up. And if we waste any more time, there won’t be silence from the Council’s end for long.”

He was right. Su Ae was stirring. It was time to make a decision. But he needed to know where Lincoln stood.

“What if I don’t do it?”

“The girl will live, whether you help or not.” Lincoln’s reply surprised Ian. There was nothing but trouble Lincoln could gain from Su Ae’s life and it was unlike Lincoln to work for anything other than personal gain.

“What do you have invested in this?”

“A promise.”

“I’ll take her away.” Ian told him without a further moment’s hesitation.

“I owe you one. But we’ll see enough of each other in the future for me to repay it.” Lincoln promised.


By the time Su Ae finally awoke and sat up a minute later, Lincoln was gone and Ian sat on a stool across from her, looking out the window. Her gaze roamed from the bloody bandage on her hand to the blood on the floor where her teddy now lay and towards the doorway.

“Mama liked you.” She smiled at him. He was silent.

“Where are we going?” She asked him. He turned to her with surprise.

“We -” He didn’t know how to begin.

“Mama knew it would happen.” She told him. “I told her. She knew. Papa did too.”

“About what?”

“You and the other man and the one who hurt me. I told them you would come.”

Not realizing the meaning of what she was saying, Ian started to explain things to her.

“We have to go. Your parents aren’t here anymore. We have to go before those people come back.”

“I know.” A tear ran down her cheek. “Mama said it was okay. She said you would take care of me. She said we would be okay.”

“I will.” He promised her.

She motioned towards her teddy bear as Ian got up. Picking it, he started towards her.

“Mama put the spell on it!” She was crying silently. “I told her not to put it on for you. You’re a good person.”

Turning the teddy, Ian saw the mark on it s back, now half covered with Su Ae’s dry blood. It was the character of a hunter, marked in black. His eyes widened as it dropped from his hands from surprise.

“How did I -? How can I touch that?” The question wasn’t directed towards her but Su Ae spoke up.

“I told you. I told Mama. She did it.”

“No, you couldn’t have known.” He shook his head as he looked at her. “Your parents were hunters but they never -” and stopped short as realization hit him.

“Was your mother the hunter?”

“She was one of you.” She shook her head.


It took a minute for the realization to hit him. And then he remembered all those incidents from two years back when Su Ae had met him and claimed what he thought was not possible. The Council did not want her because she was the daughter of a hunter. The unimaginable had happened. There had been a bond; A bond stronger than just a connection.

“The blood in the moon!” He muttered and unconsciously smiled as he realized the magnitude of what he had done until now and was going to do from here on. Picking up the teddy, he walked to Su Ae and kneeling in front of her, wiped her tears.

“Your mother was right kiddo!” he promised her with a smile. “We will be just fine.”



Song of the Week – Pisces by Lee Ahn

Now here’s an amazing song “Pisces” by Lee Ahn. Until a few days ago when I hadn’t found the lyrics I could only understand bits and pieces of it, but love it even more now! The movie it was featured on wasn’t so impressive but this is definitely a must listen to song! 🙂


Here’s the song on youtube and the MV has scenes from the movie “He was cool”



My favorite lyric is 3:25 – 3:33. Listen and you’ll love it too!


There’s another MV of it with lyrics and translations. All credits to the respective site owner and translator! Watch it here. Do click and watch!

Enjoy! ^_^


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