Ode to a Friend… :)


It’s been five years since we’ve known each other. Five flat years; not too long, not too short in many aspects [There are times I still wish we were together back in the days of classes], yet in some ways, it was a lifetime; because it was long enough for us to make wonderful memories of a close friendship… Since the very beginning of our college years, we’ve been together on and off, shared common interests and spent some really fun quality times together. All in all, no matter the number of fights we had (And we did have some! :P), the number of things we disagreed on or the time we spent apart, it was a wonderful experience and one hell of an adventure. I’ve been angry at you, hated myself, loathed so many things yet today, when I recall our past and think of you, the only moments that come to mind are when we were at our best together. To me, you were a wonderful close friend, someone I turned to with my stupid questions when I couldn’t talk to anyone else and someone I could always rely on.

Thanks for all the wonderful times we had together, sorry for all the fights we had where I was too stupid and many many best wishes for the future. You will always be a cherished and remembered friend. And of course, I’ll keep nagging you every now and then just to make your life more interesting! 😉 May we always be great friends and I hope there’s always a place in your heart for me!

Once again; all the best for the future. May all our lives be full of wonderful surprises and joyous times and every moment be a moment worth cherishing…

P.S. The words may not be much, but they’re from the heart!While I wasn’t the best of friends, I hope I was good enough… 🙂

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  1. I inadvertently smile every time I think about our times together and Binte’s ways! That scowl on her face when she’s trying to order us around (especially when she’s also threatening to kill us too as a consequence :P), the way she laughs, her janu billi 😉 and all those gatherings we had at each others places where we had so much fun! ^_^

    Man, I miss her even though it was so short and so little! 😦

  2. I kinda only know this way best to relay my feelings! 🙂

    Yours is in the making, keep your fingers crossed n be on your best behavior lest I write something bad! 😛 Muhuhahaha 😀

    Thanks a lot for visiting! :] As you can see from Blog Stats, visitors are quite a lot but there’s zero comments so no way of knowing good or bad! :/

  3. really touching …:)
    sure will miss her starting from her achuuu(sneeze) to her cute naughtiness and anger..
    love you too for being so caring ..
    p.s when are you writing something about us:P

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