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Attention Please Recap – Episode II


The second episode starts with an introduction into expressions! In true class fashion, Mikami is telling them how to behave with guests and what the proper decorum for them as a cabin attendant is. As usual, someone is asleep in class!


Mikami tells everyone to stand up and then orders them to smile. The result is 20 most awkward smiles ever! Misaki especially does not see the reason why everyone has to smile since “theres nothing funny around anyway.”


After a grueling further class, where they practice words and pronunciations, where Misaki is further reprimanded by Mikami, Misaki thinks Mikami is out to get her thanks to her outburst at the end of the last episode and wonders why she even did what she did. It’s a perfect way for her to manage her frustrations and let them out so they don’t bother her. However, Mikami walks in on her and she gets another reprimanding lecture and this time, they almost have a fighting match with each other!


Misaki and friends decide to drop by the coffee room where they run into the famous trio from their class. In a polite but condescending tone, the trio manages to practice their pronunciation and words from Mikamis class while also delivering insults to Misaki. She, however, is least bothered as always. While her friends are actually worried about the difficulties in class and whether they will be able to perform well, Misaki brushes it all off. She just isn’t born to take stuff seriously. One of the instructors notices her throwing out trash in the can as if she were playing basketball, the instructor rushes in to reprimand her, but it has little effect and only aggravates the instructor herself. The instructor goes straight to the Chairman with her complaint. The chairman is as optimistic as ever.


Tsutsumi and Captain are in the cockpit of the new plane the engineers are working on and the captain points out a few pointers to the head engineer. Tsutsumi, in true flattery fashion, praises the Captain but the captain tells him to stay quiet for a while. Shouta is checking the whole aircraft and its electrical functionalities and reports back that there are no errors. Here again, we see shouta in the cockpit, looking expectantly at the sky and looking wishful.


Misaki is tired after class but that doesn’t stop her from flocking Asou san when she is just returning from a flight. Praising Asou san and her companions looks and works, Misaki asks for an autograph. Yayoi is surprised at her friends sudden and non characteristic behavior. Turns out, the autograph is for Yayois Dad. She did it all so she could get an extra meal! Today, Sekiyama also stays with them for dinner.  Here they introduce the fact that Sekiyama’s father is a pilot. Before the night is over, Yayoi and Misaki teach Sekiyama how to eat Soba. Being from a prim n proper background, Sekiyama finds it odd at first, but then soon follows their suit.

Next day, Sekiyama brings a beautiful black suit dress for Misaki. The trio witness it and ridicule Misakis clothing habit once again leading to an almost fight between Yayoi and the head of the trio. Misaki stops them and accepts the gift from Sekiyama and remarks how annoying women are when Mikami heads in and points out to her that she is a woman too. In class too again today, Misaki fails miserably at performing any tasks. She hardly remembers any details well either.


Tsutsumi finds the wicked trio during lunch where they are studying and gives them a few pointers and they all go gaga over him. Shouta and his boss witness the scene from afar. Wanting to further impress his new friends, Tsutsumi heads over to Shoutas boss and makes a few irrelevant pointers about the inspection they recently did, which Shoutas boss calmly hears but aggravates Shouta. Leaving there after lunch, Shouta passes by Tsustumis table and points out his ridiculousness.


That night, Misaki runs into Shouta at the department store. They both head over to the same restaurant (Misaki follows him) and end up chitchatting. Midway however, Misaki touches upon a sore subject and Shouta leaves his dinner and walks out.



Next come the exams for the cabin attendants. The exam passes smoothly enough even though Misaki does not know many things and just breezes past in her usual manner. After the exam, she runs into Tsutsumi in the cafeteria and ends up drinking his coffee. They both sit down to chit chat on both serious and casual topics. Misakis scores on the exams are ridiculously low so the instructor tries to get the chairman to remove her but the chairman points out she still has the chance to retake the exams.


Misaki runs into Asou heading towards the dry cleaners with her uniform but before they can chit chat much, Asou’s superior summons her back. Misaki volunteers to drop her uniform off at the dry cleaners and after much hesitation, Asou allows it. While on the way to the dry cleaners, Misaki catches herself with the uniform in a mirror and decides to try it on. Before she can change back, she is thrown out of the bathroom because it is cleaning time. At first she is awkward and nervous outside, but wherever she walks, everyone bows down and greets her. She heads out to the main airport terminal and is overjoyed at not being caught. Asou however, heads to the cleaning room to reclaim her uniform and is told it was never submitted for cleaning. Knowing shell be in trouble if the news gets out that her uniform was lost, Asou finds Tsutsumi and asks if he knows where Misaki is. However, word gets out around and soon the whole institute finds out what Misaki has done. Having fun out in the terminal, Misaki misses class too.


Asou reports to her superior who tells her to find the uniform and has to put up with bullying and ridicule from her coworkers. Misaki is rushing back to catch class but is caught by customers on the terminal who want her help for their tasks. With no way to refuse, Misaki helps them out. Here Misaki realizes all the real life situations and sees different cabin attendants and airport attendants responding to them. Yayoi and Sekiyama, worried for their friend, rush out to find her but not even Shouta has seen her.

At the terminal, Misaki encounters a Chinese girl who cannot speak Japanese and is having trouble finding the right terminal to board her plane. Though they have trouble communicating with each other at first, they turn to writing and understanding each other’s words and that allows Misaki to guide the woman to her needed destination. Misaki feels happy and content now that she finally understands the meaning behind Mikamis words in class. It’s here that Yayoi and Sekiyama find her.

She is reprimanded by Mikami and the Chairman but Asou prevents her from being severely punished though she tells Misaki she will never forget this. Misaki feels truly sorry for her actions and repeatedly sounds her apology. After reprimanding her, Mikami asks her how she felt when wearing the uniform.

That day when Mikami is heading home, she and captain run into each other in the lobby and they have a chat while waiting for the elevator. It is also here that Captain mentions some other old girl and asks Mikami if she “remembers her.”  Mikami gives a non committal response. Misaki meanwhile is on the roof where Shouta finds her. She recounts her day and tells him how happy she was that she was able to help that woman. Shouta also voices his thoughts to her openly for the first time.

The next morning, she wakes up with her alarm. She passes instructor and Chairman in the corridor and they both look shocked and pleased to see her. Today, she has come wearing Sekiyamas gifted suit. However, beneath the elegant coat, there’s this:


Mikami tells her at this pace the day she wears a uniform will probably never come. But Misaki is determined that it would. Everyone is impressed by her speech and tone, even Mikami. But like before, Mikami calls out to her and tells her she’s due for extra lessons thanks to the classes she missed.


And that is how the second episode ends! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed! ^_^

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