Song of the Week – “Humsafar” : “Soulmate”

Today, the song of the week is a relatively new song on the block. Its for a current ongoing drama in Pakistan on Hum TV Channel every Saturday night titled “Humsafar”, which means “Partner” in literal terms but in the context it is used, it actually means “Soul mate” as it refers to one’s spouse, the person who is with you throughout life.

It is sung by Qurat ul Ain Baloch, a new voice in the industry, but certainly one of the best of all times. When you listen to the song yourself, you’ll know why! 🙂

So, here’s the shorter version of it. It includes the three leads of the drama as well.

The first section of the song shows the lead couple, the guy Ashar and the girls name is Khird. Here’s what I have heard of the story [Its a great drama and I am so definitely following it, hehe… Theres only been three episodes out so far] The main couple are cousins by birth but ones who rarely knew each other when growing up and get married due to circumstances in the family. Though Ashar has reservations to the match at first, he and Khird end up falling in love with each other but are torn apart by misunderstandings and mistrust created by Ashars mother. Later, they are reunited by another family member who pushes them to be together and little by little, the misunderstandings and mistrust are cleared up and they get their happy ending (I think and hope! From what I’ve read, it seems so…)



The second part introduces Sara- Ashars cousin by his mothers side and a girl who has loved him for a long long time, but whom Ashar never saw more than a friend. She probably adds fuel to the misunderstandings between the lead couple but ends up failing. She even tries to commit suicide (twice, i think) because she cannot bear the thought of living without Ashar. Personally, I hate the suicide part (Nothings worth killing yourself!!) but the way she’s always lived her life, in love with him and knowing they would get married to each other (his and her mother are sisters so planned this since birth) and then suddenly losing him to see him marry someone else makes her lose all sense of self, pride and life. As she tells him once, she loves him even though he doesnt love her that way and only wants to spend her life with him.


Here’s the longer version.



Enjoy the song! 🙂


Here’s a few additional scenes from the drama that were recently posted as promos. 😉


An intro of all the characters:



A promo of all three characters showing their feelings. Sara tells her mother she’ll ruin her life if she cannot be with Ashar. Ashar tells Khird never to underestimate his love for her because she is most important to him and if she ever loses confidence in his love, he will feel the love he has for her was not good enough. He also tells Sara he will always be sorry towards her for not being able to love her the way she loved him. Sara then exclaims to Ashar that “the only person he ever loved is probably Khird” but Ashar replies that he does not love anyone anymore. This is an indication of his feelings after the separation comes due to the misunderstandings and because he feels betrayed he finds it hard to forgive Khird. In the end and her part, Khird confesses that she loves Ashar, her heart wants to be just what he would want and to become someone he can be proud of.


Another Promo focusing on Ashar and Khird



Next is a promo released after the first episode. It shows the relationship between the two, how they are in love and how things go wrong for them when Ashar’s mother accuses Khird of having had an affair before the wedding (I’m hazy on the details since its yet to happen and I havent read the book so its accused to have either happened before the wedding or after it). I read somewhere that she does it out of jealousy against Khird because Khird is becoming a vital essence to Ashars life. Ashar is hurt by it and cannot think of what to do so his mother has Khird thrown out of the house (Literally! T_T ). With nowhere else to go, Khird goes back to an aunt in another city where she grew up.



Okay, this video promo is my favorite so far! It’s awesome! And the actors are too good, especially Khird!!! Her crying scene, and the one where she is thrown out of the house and goes to her aunts is amazing!


If anyone is interested in this drama (It’s based on an urdu classic book so its bound to be awesome), lemme know and I’ll even recap it for you… ^_~

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  1. Love the song!!

    And I don’t think there was some misunderstanding created by Ashar’s mom ever. I have the link the actual novel, but I am resisting reading it, since that would just take the maza out of the drama! 🙂 If you want the link, just msg me and I’ll email you the link 🙂

    • I read it online somewhere that its because of Ashar’s mom that this happens… Plus, Jipo just told me that her friend also read it somewhere that in the coming episodes when Ashar is all angry and leaves the house for a week, something will happen and Ashar’s mom will throw her out of the house… After Ashar gets back, she tells him Khirad ran away with Khizar… Let’s see what actually happens!

      Plus, when the drama is over, send me the link too! ^_^ Better read it after the drama! that way we can enjoy both without too much expectations! 😉

  2. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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