Days at the Office

Today was hectic! Totally hectic! I spent half the day simmering in anger for one reason or another! This is totally not how I wanted to end my relationship with this office. And the fact that Ive learned one of my ex superiors from here has some kind of grudge against me and has been bad mouthing me behind my back is so not helping! :/

As it so happens, 15th October is my last day there. And even though Ive been working there for like three months already (July and onwards) October is my fourth month there but I have yet unresolved issues with management.

When I joined up, I was given the post of a trainee Architect. Fine by me, but HR gave me a letter of appointment of Interneeship/Traineeship. Again, it wasnt much of an issue, except, they dont happen to realize the difference between trainees and internees. And though I tried to get them to review it, my pleas fell on deaf ears and I ended up just keeping shut about it. I hoped it wouldn’t raise much issues in the future, but alas, I was proven wrong today!

Anyway, back to history, after the end of my second month, in the end days of august, I ran after HR for a few days asking them to give me my appointment letter now that I had passed the one month not-payable probationary period. They told me they’ll issue it in a day or two. I was glad it wasn’t causing me much fatigue. Oh how wrong I was! :/

Two days later, I received my “letter” and was informed by HR to contact finance and receive my Cash Award by the MD for “Outstanding Performance” of ten thousand rupees. When I opened my “letter”, it turned out to be an appreciation letter! As far a cry as possible from the appointment letter I had asked for!

And so passed the second month, without pay.

In the middle of the third month, I became too depressed and exhausted to work further. The politics of the place was too dirty and the people not so different either. In the end, I had a bit of a fight with the MD which ended in friendly terms, and with me being told I shouldnt leave just yet and all my grievances would be answered. Three days later, it was pay day, and I got my lump sum amount of 10,000.

At first I thought it was probably my pay. Two days later, HR came and told me to have my clearance done (and get lost) now that my traineeship period had ended. Another meeting with the MD told me I was indeed about to be sent either on entrepreneurship (and hence off the payroll) or onto the institute to teach. The company had gone into debts trying to stay out of deep waters and the MD was now starting the process of downsizing. Me and a friend were the first to go.

We had a tea party held in our honor at the end of the week (which I was unable to attend) and now theres just five more days that we have to put up at the office till we get our clearance and are free!

But those five days were bound not to be peaceful as well! Today, on the fifth last day, I had another major fight with HR (That guy never seems to learn) regarding my pay. I was supposed to be paid 10K per month but he only paid me 10K for two months. And seemed to think that was it. I went to the other “incharge” for monetary and personnel affairs with my case. There was a bit of debating, after which I was told me case was a bit “too complicated” and that I had better go back n see the MD. I did, and he authorized I be paid 10K for every month, even the probationary period. And that the cash award I got, was not part of my pay! And yes, even he agreed the HR Manager was a bit …. ahem ahem… Let’s not repeat the exact words. 😛

Tomorrows going to be another adventure! We [Me and my pal] have to get our letters of recommendation from the MD [He gave us the liberty to write them ourselves and hell sign them after a read] and I have to specifically get a signed letter from the MD detailing my payroll and all and pass that to the HR manager. Maybe then it’ll finally settle in his mind! Muhuhahahahaha 😀

Ah, it’s late and I’m tired! So I’m off to sleep! Gotta get enough rest for any upcoming battles for tomorrow! After all, better not look down at the number of days left! 🙂

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  1. You are one tough cookie!! That’s the way to go!!

    • Lol, funny thing- before we (me n my pal) left, I left something (Read: Virus) for some of the ‘good people’ we’d encountered there on the main server. Recently, I got word it resulted in one of the guy’s laptop drivers failing 😛

      I know, it was probably a bad thing to do, but considering the person who’s laptop got the heat is the one who\s responsible for our tough days, i find it kinda hard to regret and feel much bad! 😛

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