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Song of The Week – “Tum Jo Aaye” [Since you came]

While I still have this little time of access to the internet in the time that my computer is away, here’s another treat; An Indian Song from the movie “One Upon A Time In Mumbai” titled “Tum Jo Aaye” [Since you came] 🙂

Here’s a fan MV someone posted of it on Youtube. This video is my favorite because it makes me so emotional when listening to the song, I just cant explain it! The two verses where the male is singing have some of the most beautiful lyrics and the person who made this MV has placed really awesome graphics to go with it that enhance the whole listening and enjoying part of it! 🙂

Here’s another MV where you can read the translations of the song in English:

My favorite parts:

(Male sung-Part I)

The essence of love isn’t in distances(means Love can’t be enjoyed by remaining apart)

Come so that I can hide you in my emotions,

I’ve written your name on the top of the list of my wishes…

(Male sung-Part II)

I admit Life is unfaithful (Means one day it will end and no one knows when)

But if you leave me alone on the way (Way means In the journey of life)

I will bring you back from the Skies/Heavens,

And our two hearts will never be alone again (meaning they will be together forever with each other)

Ah, I so ❤ the first video! 🙂 Hope you like it and enjoy it too! ^_^


My computer crashed! One day its fine and running, the next, it simply goes Bam! Some virus got to it and there on it was slower than a snail. Finally it stopped loading any programs (Even MS Word!!) and then it just started shutting down every five minutes because of overheating! Hence, I sent it to the ICU for proper treatment 😉 and is hopefully going to make a full recovery soon! Till then, I’ll be on an undefined hiatus! 😦



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