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Mangas To Read – I

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi  

Genre: Comedy  Drama  Gender Bender  Romance  School Life  Shoujo  

Status: Ongoing, Scanlating Volume 4

Volumes: 4


Aerandria Scans


Kei is a girl who’s only interested in other girls! However, tricked by her mother, she enrolled in an all boys school, thinking that she’d be able to make her high school debut at a co-ed school. To normal girls, being surrounded with hot guys at an all boys school might be heaven, but to Kei, this is hell! What is Kei to do at this place without any other girls, where she has to try her best to keep her real identity a secret?!


This is one hell of a good Shoujo manga, and for someone who’s been reading them for years, it was quite refreshing to see an original setup in a very cute and new dynamic. The premise is one that has been repeated time and again in different series but here, it ends up being a very funny and comical scenario which leaves you craving for more. So far, Ive read very little of it, just 9 chapters, but it has kept me hooked and waiting for more! Try it out-if your a Shoujo manga fan and enjoy romance and comedy, you’ll definitely enjoy this one! 😉

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Quote of the Week


Richard Rose said some very remarkable words once:


‎”The mistake people make is to wait for something to happen to them before they begin searching. They want the voice of God, or something, to tell them to get started. Or maybe they know they should be doing something but they procrastinate, hoping that tomorrow they’ll have more conviction and be more determined. What they forget is there may be no tomorrow for them” 

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