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After Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Yoo Ah In is one of my favorite young actors! In that drama, he played his emotions and character so well and deeply that to this day, I re-watch his scenes again and again just for the sake of my addiction, hehe!

The film Wandeuki, directed by Lee Han (Garden of Heaven), is based on a bestselling novel of the same name, and the title is named for the main character, Wandeuki. (In the trailer) The teacher takes to shouting, “Hey you, Do Wan-deuk!” so much that it becomes his catchphrase. Wandeuki in turn says, “The moment he called my name, my life turned upside-down.” In the trailer the teacher gets on his case so much that Wandeuki ends up in the chapel, hands clasped, as he begs, “Please make him die.” Ha.

It turns out the teacher really is sick and dying though, which perhaps fuels his lackadaisical attitude towards teaching (often consisting of sleeping and/or telling students to do their own thing). But Wandeuki becomes both a thorn in his side and a wake-up call, as he chooses to make an impact in the kid’s life, whether he wants it or not. And he does not. But that doesn’t seem to stop the teacher, who ends up going from worst enemy to father figure, while earning a friend along the way.

The movie’s tagline is: “The worst meeting of my life. The best reversal of our lives.” So becoming of it! ^_^

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