The Asian Addiction – II






 Part II of the Addiction; Dramas:

Full House- The first Korean Drama I ever saw! 


The addiction for the television media began about two years ago when I encountered my first drama experience in the form of Full House which my friend gave me after her cousin brought it back fromChina. Even though it wasn’t very diverse in culture and hence every bit relatable and funny, it did highlight some of the aspects that made the foundations of the Korean culture. Story wise it was the ages old plot, but direction and acting wise, it brought things to a new level so that there was a different freshness to the whole storyline, best of which was the fact that the whole pace and characterization was not very deep but extremely relatable and hence thoroughly enjoyable. Every friend of mine who later on got hooked to Korean dramas also had their start from Full House.


Over time, I came across many other series and many other genres and time and again developed obsessions with many series that were truly genius or relatable and gave new meaning to the whole expression of drama watching for me. Though time has changed the trend and storylines and paces of dramas a lot in the recent years, in the four years I’ve been addicted, I’ve had many favorites in every genre, be it romantic, comedy, action, thriller or even family dramas. With passing time, K drama land just gets better and better in many aspects and I am thoroughly enjoying the sensation of being obsessed and going into the depths of a drama and its characters. Some of my favorites over the years:

Insoon is Pretty

Personal Taste

I am Saem

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

You are Beautiful

Dream High

49 Days

City Hunter

Soon, Ill have drama synopsis and recaps coming up! Wanna catch a drama? There’s many a sites where you can watch them online or even download them and watch them (I prefer and use the second option! Allows as many re-watches as you want, hehe…)

Popular watching sites are Youtube, Mysoju, Veoh and Viki. Downloading can be done from various forums that host the dramas on different servers. The sites I use are and Check out a drama, you wont regret it! ;]

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